January 3, 2004
Off Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
Flash Air, Flight 604
Boeing B-737-3Q8

Shortly after taking off, the aircraft crashed into the Red Sea, 7 miles south of the
airport. Pilot spatial disorientation. All 148 aboard killed.

FO= First Officer
CA= Captain
ATT= Attendant
ATC= Air Traffic Control
E1= Extra crew 1
E3= Extra crew 3
EA227= Egyptair 227, other aircraft
CAM= Simualted Voice

FO Before start check list completed down to the after start
2:32:58 E3  Come on fellows
2:33:00 ATT  Close two L please
2:33:07    (Thump)
2:33:16 CA  We rely on God, thank God, in the name of God
2:33:20    Sounds
2:33:25 ATT  Attention cabin crew doors in armed position and crosscheck
2:33:30   Sounds for 47 seconds (may be cockpit door, jump seat and unknown ratcheting sounds)
2:34:08 CA  What is this
2:34:09 FO  In the name of God, we rely on God
2:34:11 FO  Duct pressure decrease start valve open
2:34:14 CA  N two
2:34:25 ATT  Ladies and gentlemen, good morning on behalf of Captain Kheder and his crew members welcome you on board Flash Airlines Boeing seven three seven three hundred proceeding to cairo, during our flight to Cairo we shall cover the distance at fifty minutes and altitude twenty seven thousand feet, you are kindly requested to fasten your seat belts and put back of your seats in full up right position, and observe the no smoking sign during all the flight, thank you
2:34:31 FO  Oil pressure
2:34:48 FO  Approaching forty six
2:34:50 FO  Duct pressure normal start valve closed
2:34:51 ATT  Cabin crew stand by for demo
2:35:06 CA  Number one, we rely on God
2:35:08 FO  Duct pressure decrease start valve open
2:35:10 CA  N two
2:35:16 CA  EGT thirteen, nineteen when it starts again
2:35:21 FO  Approach
2:35:22 CA  N one EGT ok normal
2:35:27 FO  Max motoring
2:35:30 FO  Oil pressure
2:35:48 CA  Approach forty six start cut out pressure normal start valve closed start cut out
2:36:04 CA  Stabilized
2:36:13 CA  To the line
2:36:14 FO  Electrical
2:36:16 CA  On bus
2:36:17 FO  Pitot heat
2:36:17 CA  On
2:36:18 FO  Anti-ice
2:36:19 CA  On
2:36:19 FO  Air conditioning and pressurization
2:36:21 CA  Packs on, flight
2:36:23 FO  Isolation valve
2:36:24 CA  Auto
2:36:25 FO  APU
2:36:29 CA  Start there in flight no problem whith God's help
2:36:30 FO  Start levers
2:36:33 CA  Idle detent
2:36:34 FO  Ground equipment
2:36:36 CA  Clear
2:36:36 FO  After start checklist completed
2:36:37 CA  Taxiing
2:36:39 FO  Sharm El Sheikh Flash six zero four ready to taxi out
2:36:48 ATC  Six zero four taxi right delta alpha hold short runway two two right
2:36:53 FO  Roger to the right via delta alpha to holding point runway two two right Flash six zero four
2:36:59 FO  Commander delta alpha god willing to the right
2:37:02 CA  God willing
2:37:03 FO  Holding point runway two two right and right side is clear
2:37:06    Sound
2:37:07 CA  We rely on God
2:37:08 FO  Shocks off zero two three
2:37:09    Sound
2:37:09 CA Is this not operating normally
2:37:10    Sound
2:37:11   Sound maybe parcking brake release
2:37:14 FO  One minute past for APU
2:37:16 CA  Off
2:37:18 FO  APU off sir
2:37:18    (six clicks)
2:37:23    (engine acceleration sound)
2:37:26 CA  Flaps five
2:37:28    Thrre sounds similar to flap handle
2:37:30 CA  Rudder right neutral left
2:37:28    (high thump)
2:37:35 CA  Neutral
2:37:37 FO  Flight control checked
2:37:40    Two consecutive sounds
2:37:41 CA  Turning to the right
2:37:43 FO  God willing via delta commander
2:37:44 CA  Is this delta
2:37:45 FO  God willing
2:37:49 FO  Straight ahead
2:37:52    Sound maybe landing light
2:38:01 ATC  Flash six zero four ready to copy
2:38:03 FO  Go ahead sir
2:38:05 ATC  Flash six zero four destination cairo as filed, climb initially flight level one four zero, one six seven three on the squawk
2:38:15 FO Our clear destination Cairo via flight plan route one four zero initially, one six seven three on the squawk, Flash six zero four and we have total passengers one three five, God willing
2:38:25 ATC  Continue taxi via Alpha line up two two right advice ready for departure
2:38:34 FO  Roger, next vall ready God willing
2:38:37 FO  One four zero initially, one six seven three
2:38:44 CA  Before takeoff
2:38:45 FO  Recall
2:38:46 CA  Checked
2:38:47    FO
2:38:48 CA  Checked
2:38:48 FO  Flaps
2:38:49 CA  Five green light
2:38:49 FO  Stabilizer trim
2:38:51 CA  Five units
2:38:52 FO  Cockpit doors
2:38:54 CA  Ok closed because this door opens
2:38:57 E1  What do you want
2:38:57 CA  yes because *give why*
2:38:58 CA  No really
2:39:01 FO  Take off briefing
2:39:03 CA  Standard briefing god willing
2:39:04 FO  before check list is completed down to the line God willing
2:39:12    (Series of sounds)
2:39:55 CA  To the line
2:40:01 FO  Engine start switches
2:40:02 CA  On
2:40:02 FO  Transponder
2:40:04 CA  On
2:40:05 FO  Before takeoff checklist completed down to strobe lights
2:40:07 CA  Completed god willing
2:40:36 CA  Set it on take off ninety and half ...ready for departure
2:40:38    FO
2:40:46 ATC  Flash six zero four surface wind two eight zero one three knots left turn to intercept radial three zero six, cleared for takeoff two two right
2:40:55 FO  Clear for takeoff runway two two right whith left turn to establisk three zero six Sharm VOR our Flash six zero four clear for takeoff
2:41:01    one thump (door knock)
2:41:02 CA  It is left turn open the door
2:41:04 FO  God willing
2:41:09 ATT  Cabin is clear
2:41:12 CA  Thank you
2:41:12 FO  Final is clear
2:41:13    One thump
2:41:15    Four similar thumps, maybe landing lights
2:41:19 FO  Left turn to establish radial three zero six
2:41:29 CA  Initially one four zero?
2:41:30 FO  God willing
2:41:34 CA  Confirm initially one four zero
2:41:35 FO  And Flash six zero four confirm to the left to establish three zero six
2:41:40 CA  Initial one four zero
2:41:43 ATC  God willing
2:41:44 FO  and initially one four zero
2:41:46 ATC  God willing
2:41:48 CA  We rely on God
2:41:59    Sound similar to increase of engine r.p.m.
2:42:00 FO  Stabilized sir N one
2:42:10 FO  Takeoff power set speed building up, eighty knots, throttle hold
2:42:11 CA  Eighty knots (one thump sound)
2:42:26 FO  V one, rotate
2:42:33    One thump similar to gear retraction
2:42:33 FO  ** positive rate
2:42:34 CA  Heading select
2:42:36 CA  Gear up
2:42:36 FO  Ok
2:42:43 CA  Four hundred heading select
2:42:44 FO  Four hundred heading select sir
2:42:48 CA  Level change
2:42:49 FO  Level change, MCP speed, N1 armed sir
2:42:59 FO  One thousand
2:43:00 CA  N one speed two twenty flaps one
2:43:04 CA  Left turn
2:43:05 ATC  Flash six zero four airborne time four four when you ready to the left to intercept three zero six radial report on course, God willing
2:43:11 CA  Left turn
2:43:12 FO  Roger when ready God willing
2:43:18 FO  Left turn to establish three zero six Sharm VOR
2:43:19 EA227  Sharm Egypt air two two seven greeting
2:43:22 FO  Speed available
2:43:23 CA  Flaps up
2:43:27 ATC  Egypt air two two seven go ahead, greeting
2:43:26 EA227  Mantaining Flight level one two zero four three DME inbound to Sharm el Sheikh and request descent
2:43:34 ATC  Egypt air double two seven clear sierra hotel mike VOR, visual approach runway two two right pilot discretion descend four thousand feet QNH one zero one one
2:43:35 FO  Flaps up no light
2:43:37 CA  After takeoff checklist
2:43:35 EA227  How much is the wind sir
2:43:48 ATC  Indicated two eight zero one zero knots
2:43:53 EA227  Can we use runway zero four sir
2:43:55 CA  Autopilot
2:43:56 EA227  Right zero four
2:43:58 CA  Not yet
2:43:59 ATC  There is no problem Straight in ILS approach runway zero four left god willing report fuel establish QNH one zero one
2:44:00 FO Autopilot in command sir
2:44:01 CA  Exclamation remark
2:44:02    Sound of A/P disengage warning
2:44:05 CA  Heading select
2:44:05 EA227  Straight in approach runway zero four lrft, one zero one, next call full establish Egypt air two two seven
2:44:07 FO  Heading select
2:44:18 CA  See what the aircraft did!
2:44:27 FO  Turning right sir
2:44:30 CA  What?
2:44:31 FO  Aircraft is turning right
2:44:32 CA  AH
2:44:35 CA  Turning right?
2:44:37 CA  How turning right
2:44:41 CA  Ok come out
2:44:41 FO  Over bank
2:44:41 CA  Autopilot
2:44:43 CA  Autopilot
2:44:44 FO  Autopilot in command
2:44:46 CA  Autopilot
2:44:48 FO Over bank, over bank, over bank
2:44:50 CA  OK
2:44:52 FO  Over bank
2:44:53 CA  OK, come out
2:44:56 FO  No autopilot commander
2:44:58 CA  Autopilot
2:44:58 E1  Retard power, retard power, retard power
2:45:01 CA  Retard power
2:45:02    Sound similar to overspeed clacker
2:45:04 CA  Come out
2:35:05 FO  No god except...
2:35:05 CAM  "whoop" sound similar to ground proximity warning

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