January 15, 2009
New York, New York
US Airways, 1549
Airbus A320-214

The plane had just taken off from La Guardia Airport when it suffered bird strikes in both engines. Thrust was lost in both engines and the crew was able to ditch the plane in the Hudson River. All 107 aboard survived.

LGA - La Guardia ATCl
L116 - New York TRACON LaGuardia Departure
TEB - Teterboro ATC

3:24:54: [Flight 1549 cleared for takeoff]
3:24:58 (LGA): Cactus 1549.
3:25:51 (AWE1549): Cactus 1549 - 700 climbing 5,000.
3:26:00 (L116): Cactus 1549, New York departure radar contact. Climb and maintain 15,000.
3:26:04 (AWE1549): Maintain 15,000, 1549.
3:27:32 (L116): Cactus 1549, turn left heading 270.
3:27:36 (AWE1549): Ah, this is, uh, Cactus 1539.  Hit birds, we lost thrust in both engines.  We're turning back toward LaGuardia.
3:27:42 (L116):  Okay, yea, you need to return to LaGuardia.  Turn left heading of, uh, 220.
3:27:46 (AWE1549): 220.
3:27:49 (L116):  Tower, stop your departures.  We got an emergency landing.
3:27:53 (LGA):  Who is it?
3:27:54 (L116):  It's 1529.  He, ah, bird strike.  He lost all engines.  He lost the thrust in the engines.  He is returning immediately.
3:27:59 (LGA):  Cactus 1529, which engines?
3:28:01 (L116):  He lost thrust in both engines, he said.
3:28:03 (LGA):  Got it.
3:28:05 (L116)  Cactus 1529, if we can get it, do you want to try to land Runway 13?
3:28:11 (AWE1549):  We're unable.  We may end up in the Hudson.
3:28:31 (L116):  Alright, Cactus 1549, it's going to be left traffic to Runway 31.
3:28:34 (AWE154):  Unable.
3:28:36 (L116):  Okay, what do you need to land?
3:28:46 (L116):  Cactus 1549, Runway 49-- Runway 4 is available if you want to make left traffic to Runway 4.
3:28:50 (AWE1549):  I'm not sure if we can make any runway.  Oh, what's over to our right?  Anything in New Jersey?  Maybe Teterboro?
3:28:55 (L116):  Okay, yea, off to your right side is Teterboro Airport.
3:29:02 (L116):  Do you want to try and go to Teterboro?
3:29:03 (AWE1549):  Yes.
3:29:05 (L116):  Teterboro, Empire-- actually LaGuardia Departure got an emergency inbound.
3:29:10 (TEB):  Okay, go ahead.
3:29:11 (L116):  Cactus 1529 over the George Washington Bridge, wants to go to the airport right now.
3:29:14 (TEB):  He wants to go to our airport, check.  Does he need any assistance.
3:29:17 (L116):  Ah, yes.  He, ah, he was a bird strike.  Can I get him in for Runway 1?
3:29:19 (TEB):  Runway 1, that's good.
3:29:21 (L116):  Cactus 1529, turn right 280.  You can land Runway 1 at Teterboro.
3:29:25 (AWE1549):  We can't do it.
3:29:26 (L116):  Okay, which runway would you like at Teterboro?
3:29:28 (AWE1549):  We're gonna be in the Hudson.
3:29:33 (L116):  I'm sorry, say again, Cactus.
3:29:51 (L116):  Cactus, ah, Cactus 1549, radar contact is lost.  You also got Newark Airport off your two o'clock and about 7 miles.
3:30:14 (L116):  Cactus 1529, uh, you still on?
3:30:22 (L116):  Cactus 1529, if you can, ah, you got, ah, Runway 29 available at Newark off your two o'clock and 7 miles.
3:30:30:  [Splashdown. Radar and tower notify Coast Guard, which responds, "We launched the fleet."]
3:31:30 (unknown):  Was that Cactus up by the Tappan Zee?
3:31:32 (L116):  Uh, yeah, it was Cactus.  He was just north of the, uh, George Washington Bridge when they had the bird strike.
3:33:38 (L116):  Alright, alright.  Departure, we're stopped on departure Runway 4 - 360s runway.
3:33:44 (L116):  Okay.
3:33:45 (L116):  You know about the Cactus?
3:33:46 (L116):  Right.
3:33:47 (L116):  I guess it was a double bird strke and he lost all thrust, so...
3:33:52 (L116):  (Unintelligible) What do you want to do as far as departures?
3:33:55 (L116):  Okay, I'll figure it out.

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