February 12, 2009
Clarence Center, New York
Continental Connection/Colgan Air, Flight 3407
Bombardier DHC-8-402 Q400

The commuter plane stalled and crashed into a house while attempting to land
in rain and sleet, 6 miles northeast of Buffalo Niagara International Airport, were
it was scheduled to land.

Cockpit area microphone voice or sound source
HOT Flight crew audio panel voice or sound source
INT Interphone voice or sound source
RDO Radio transmissions from N200WQ
TWR Radio transmission from the Newark Tower controller
DEP Radio transmission from New York Departure controller
ZNY Radio transmission from the New York Center controller
ZOB Radio transmission from the Cleveland Center controller
APP Radio transmission from the Buffalo Approach controller
OPS Radio transmission from the Colgan Buffalo Operations ground controller
-A First controller at identified ATC facility
-B Second controller at identified ATC facility
-C Third controller at identified ATC facility
-1 Voice identified as the captain
-2 Voice identified as the first officer
-3 Voice identified as the flight attendant
-? Voice unidentified
* Unintelligible word
# Expletive
@ Non-pertinent word
( ) Questionable insertion
[ ] Editorial insertion
Note 1: Times are expressed in Eastern Standard Time.
Note 2: Generally, only radio transmissions to and from the accident aircraft were transcribed.
Note 3: Words shown with excess vowels, letters, or drawn out syllables are a phonetic representation of the words
as spoken.
Note 4: A non-pertinent word, where noted, refers to a word not directly related to the operation, control or condition
of the aircraft.

18:22.8 TWR and Colgan thirty four oh seven runway two two right at whiskey winds three zero zero at one niner cleared for takeoff.
18:27.7 RDO-2 cleared for takeoff Colgan thirty four zero seven.
18:30.3 HOT-1 alright cleared for takeoff it's mine up to two thousand heading two seven zero after departure. here we go.
18:35.4 CAM [sound of increasing engine rpm]
18:42.3 HOT-1 check power.
18:44.6 HOT-2 and power checked.
18:48.8 HOT-2 eighty knots.
18:50.1 HOT-1 eighty.
18:55.0 HOT-2 V one.
18:56.2 HOT-2 rotate.
19:01.6 HOT-2 positive rate.
19:02.3 HOT-1 gear up.
19:03.0 CAM [sound similar to landing gear handle movement]
19:07.5 CAM [sound similar nose gear uplock and door closing]
19:10.4 TWR Colgan thirty four oh seven turn right heading two seven zero maintain two thousand contact New York Departure.
19:15.0 RDO-2 right two seventy two thousand and over to departure Colgan thirty four zero seven.
19:20.7 RDO-2 Departure Colgan thirty four oh seven is seven hundred for two thousand heading two seventy.
19:26.5 DEP-A Colgan uh thirty four oh seven New York radar contact. Climb maintain one zero ten thousand.
19:31.6 HOT [sound similar to altitude alert]
19:32.5 RDO-2 up to ten thousand Colgan thirty four zero seven.
19:35.5 HOT-2 ten thousand.
19:36.4 HOT-1 ten thousand alt sel flaps zero. set indicated airspeed two ten. Climb checklist.
19:44.3 HOT-2 alrighty.
19:45.4 CAM [sound similar to decreasing propeller rpm]
20:08.9 DEP-A Colgan thirty four oh seven proceed direct COATE.
20:11.5 RDO-2 direct COATE Colgan thirty four zero seven.
20:13.9 HOT-2 direct COATE.
20:14.2 HOT-1 direct COATE.
20:19.5 HOT-1 and NAV for me.
20:20.2 HOT-2 NAV selected.
20:39.9 HOT-1 wee this is fun.
20:41.7 HOT-2 yeah.
20:43.0 HOT-1 okay almost.
20:46.6 DEP-A Colgan thirty four oh seven contact departure one one eight one seven. Eighteen seventeen.
20:50.9 RDO-2 eighteen seventeen Colgan thirty two-- thirty four zero seven.
21:00.9 RDO-2 [sound of mic click]
21:10.0 RDO-2 departure Colgan thirty four zero seven five point seven for ten thousand.
21:14.2 DEP-B Colgan thirty four zero seven New York Departure roger.
22:27.0 HOT-2 and climb checklist complete. I don't know if I said it or not.
22:31.0 PA-3 ladies and gentlemen for your continued safety we do ask that you keep your seatbelts securely fastened even if the captain turns off the fasten seatbelt sign. we would like to add a special welcome to our One Pass members. you'll be earning valuable miles for your trip today. if you are not already a member of the One Pass program you can enroll online at Continental dot com...Continental Connection is pleased to provide you with a complimentary copy of Sky Mall catalogue and Continental Magazine both located in your seat pocket.
22:31.6 HOT-1 autopilot's engaged.
22:33.5 HOT-2 alright.
22:39.2 HOT-1 it's probably a good thing.
22:43.7 HOT [sound similar to altitude alert]
22:44.9 HOT-1 nine ten alt sel.
22:45.7 HOT-2 ten alt sel.
23:08.7 HOT [sound of double chime]
23:14.1 PA-2 we're through ten thousand feet.
23:24.3 PA-3 ladies and gentlemen the use of approved portable electronic devices is now  permitted.
23:56.6 DEP-B Colgan thirty four zero seven climb maintain one two twelve thousand. proceed direct COATE.
24:01.4 RDO-2 twelve thousand direct COATE Colgan thirty four zero seven.
24:04.6 HOT-1 twelve alt sel.
24:05.4 HOT-2 twelve alt sel.
24:47.2 HOT-1 eleven twelve alt sel.
24:47.3 HOT [sound similar to altitude alert]
24:48.6 HOT-2 eleven twelve alt sel.
25:14.2 HOT-1 have you ever looked at the logbook very much as far as uh like putting  your times and stuff in?
25:19.8 HOT-2 um-hum.
25:20.7 HOT-1 * okay. I kinda * you just haven't done like writeups?
25:25.2 HOT-2 yeah I just haven't written anything in it but I've looked at it and looked up crew writeups.
26:18.0 HOT-1 well I didn't write any numbers down so.
26:21.8 HOT [sound of double chime]
26:23.6 HOT-1 uh.
26:24.8 INT-2 hello.
26:25.6 INT-3 hi what do you think about doing service?
26:29.0 INT-1 actually I think if you could uh do something fairly quick I think we might be okay. I don't have a whole lotta cloud cover up here.
26:36.4 INT-3 okay.
26:37.1 INT-1 uh just be careful.
26:38.8 INT-3 okay.
26:39.1 INT-1 if we hear of anything--.
26:40.7 INT-3 give us a buzz.
26:41.2 INT-1 we will.
26:41.9 INT-3 alright thanks.
27:08.1 DEP-B Colgan thirty four zero seven contact New York Center one tree two point six good day.
27:12.6 RDO-2 one three two point six Colgan thirty four zero seven.
27:22.4 RDO-2 departure Colgan thirty four zero seven twelve thousand direct COATE.
27:29.3 HOT-1 geez.
27:30.7 HOT-1 this I **.
27:31.5 ZNY-A Colgan thirty four zero seven New York Center you should be with the New York Center on one three two point six.
27:40.8 RDO-2 alrighty we'll try them thirty four zero seven thanks.
28:12.9 RDO-2 Center Colgan thirty four zero seven twelve thousand direct COATE.
28:16.8 ZNY-B Colgan thirty four zero seven New York Center roger. Wilkes-Barre altimeter two nine six seven.
28:22.3 RDO-2 six seven thanks.
28:25.1 HOT-2 six seven.
28:25.6 HOT-1 sixty seven set crosscheck.
28:27.4 HOT-2 set crosschecked.
28:30.1 HOT-1 alright.
28:42.0 HOT-1 today's the twelfth right?
28:43.5 HOT-2 yup.
28:47.0 HOT-2 at least that's what you told me earlier.
28:50.2 HOT-1 well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
28:52.2 HOT-2 alright.
28:58.5 HOT-1 well that's good.
29:19.7 HOT-1 so where's this page here? I don't see any writing on it.
29:32.6 HOT-1 interesting.
29:50.1 HOT-1 alright I'll give that to you.
29:52.8 HOT-2 alright.
29:53.7 HOT-1 fill out what you can...I'll sign it **.
30:31.1 HOT-2 it's Zulu time is the in and out right?
30:34.3 HOT-1 uh that's in Zulu time but we want it local time.
30:36.3 HOT-2 yeah local okay.
30:38.5 HOT-1 on here. so just minus five. sooooo let's see.
30:45.4 HOT-2 so nineteen forty five.
30:47.5 HOT-1 seven forty five yeah nineteen forty five...wow an hour and a half taxi.
30:53.7 HOT-2 yeah. **.
30:57.8 HOT-1 oh that just-- that just stinks...we can't reap the benefit.
31:04.3 HOT-2 I know.
31:18.1 RDO-1 blocked.
31:44.6 ZNY-B Colgan thirty four zero seven climb to flight level-- correction climb to one six thousand.
31:50.0 RDO-2 one six thousand Colgan thirty four zero seven.
31:53.0 HOT-2 sixteen.
31:53.5 HOT-1 sixteen alt sel.
31:54.9 HOT-2 alt sel.
32:08.4 HOT-1 oops. you didn't feel that.
32:11.0 HOT-2 no I didn't feel that.
32:13.0 HOT-2 they didn't do a twenty four hour ice protection test.
32:15.4 HOT-1 yeah I just did.
32:16.5 HOT-2 you did?
32:17.2 HOT-1 yup.
32:20.5 HOT-1 that's why I was looking back on all those pages.
32:22.8 HOT-2 yeah.
32:23.2 HOT-1 it said it was miss-- er uh you know.
32:27.3 HOT-2 yeah.
32:28.0 HOT-1 there uh there was one page there wasn't anything on it. so it's like they they tore it out in error.
32:34.1 HOT-2 oh yeah.
32:35.4 HOT-1 so.
32:58.1 HOT-2 just twenty four ice test complete? or write--.
33:02.0 well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
28:52.2 HOT-2 alright.
28:58.5 HOT-1 well that's good.
29:19.7 HOT-1 so where's this page here? I don't see any writing on it.
29:32.6 HOT-1 interesting.
29:50.1 HOT-1 alright I'll give that to you.
29:52.8 HOT-2 alright.
29:53.7 HOT-1 fill out what you can...I'll sign it **.
30:31.1 HOT-2 it's Zulu time is the in and out right?
30:34.3 HOT-1 uh that's in Zulu time but we want it local time.
30:36.3 HOT-2 yeah local okay.
30:38.5 HOT-1 on here. so just minus five. sooooo let's see.
30:45.4 HOT-2 so nineteen forty five.
30:47.5 HOT-1 seven forty five yeah nineteen forty five...wow an hour and a half taxi.
30:53.7 HOT-2 yeah. **.
30:57.8 HOT-1 oh that just-- that just stinks...we can't reap the benefit.
31:04.3 HOT-2 I know.
31:18.1 RDO-1 blocked.
31:44.6 ZNY-B Colgan thirty four zero seven climb to flight level-- correction climb to one six thousand.
31:50.0 RDO-2 one six thousand Colgan thirty four zero seven.
31:53.0 HOT-2 sixteen.
31:53.5 HOT-1 sixteen alt sel.
31:54.9 HOT-2 alt sel.
32:08.4 HOT-1 oops. you didn't feel that.
32:11.0 HOT-2 no I didn't feel that.
32:13.0 HOT-2 they didn't do a twenty four hour ice protection test.
32:15.4 HOT-1 yeah I just did.
32:16.5 HOT-2 you did?
32:17.2 HOT-1 yup.
32:20.5 HOT-1 that's why I was looking back on all those pages.
32:22.8 HOT-2 yeah.
32:23.2 HOT-1 it said it was miss-- er uh you know.
32:27.3 HOT-2 yeah.
32:28.0 HOT-1 there uh there was one page there wasn't anything on it. so it's like they they tore it out in error.
32:34.1 HOT-2 oh yeah.
32:35.4 HOT-1 so.
32:58.1 HOT-2 just twenty four ice test complete? or write--.
33:02.0 sense that if you have to divert someplace at least you're not scratching through and doing all that kind of  stuff. uh but I still do the one landing and however many starts we have and fill the rest of it out.
34:59.3 HOT-2 yeah.
35:06.5 HOT-2 yeah.
35:07.9 HOT-1 but uh other than that that's all there is to it. on your writeups--.
35:15.0 HOT-2 I've written-- I mean I've written other planes up before. just not from--with Colgan.
35:18.1 HOT-1 okay alright so you know like the one P or the two P as you write em uplike that?
35:20.6 HOT-2 uh-huh. yeah.
35:23.7 HOT-1 write it up. uh and if you're doing one twenty one ops you obviously know as short sweet to the point as you possibly can um.
35:36.0 HOT-2 give em all the details that you need to give.
35:38.2 HOT-1 yeah but but also don't get too wordy with it.
35:42.4 HOT-2 right.
35:44.0 HOT-1 um and what I try to do is-- is I'd look up in the MEL book.
35:54.7 HOT-2 uh-huh.
35:55.3 HOT-1 to begin with before I write things up.
35:58.0 HOT-2 so you know yeah.
35:59.0 HOT-1 that way if I screw up and write it up one way and it grounds the airplane but it's not-- it's not exactly or I could write it up slightly different to get an MEL to get it back to where you can do maintenance type of deal.
36:15.1 HOT-2 yeah.
36:16.3 HOT-1 it's it's a judgment call by all means.
36:19.7 HOT-2 yeah.
36:21.2 HOT-1 you you definitely want to write the proper thing up. um you know I try to uh uh get em to fix-- I uh on the Saab we don't have glass we uh we had EFIS screens.
36:37.7 HOT-2 right.
36:40.1 HOT-1 but uh you had a EHSI and uh a EADI.
36:45.5 HOT-2 uh-huh.
36:46.2 HOT-1 I wrote up the course selector. course one selector.
36:49.0 HOT-2 uh-huh.
36:50.7 HOT-1 uh because it wouldn't move. it was stuck on one particular course setting.
36:55.9 HOT-2 uh-huh.
36:56.7 HOT-1 and uh wrote it up totally explained exactly what it was and they uh at the time there were four planes down. two getting line checks and then my airplane and another one uh that had something wrong with it. They only had four mechanics on duty at the time. so they were all trying to do something. er I'm sorry they had four down I was the fifth one.
37:20.1 HOT-2 oh okay.
37:21.1 HOT-1 so they tried to MEL the uh the uh the autopilot system uh because of the heading selector.
37:32.0 HOT-2 yeah.
37:32.6 HOT-1 I you know I wouldn't be able to turn. and it's like wait a minute. it doesn't even apply.
37:36.4 HOT-2 yeah.
37:37.4 HOT-1 so uh you got to be careful about that.
37:40.5 HOT-2 yeah.
37:41.2 HOT-1 just don't-- you know understand the MELs that they uh they try to put on it make sure it applies to what you're doing.
37:48.3 HOT-2 yeah.
37:48.7 HOT-1 and the problem you're having. and I I called em back and told em uh that it doesn't have anything todo with the autopilot. well I mean doesn't it do this this this? no it's-- this is what's wrong or this is what I told them before. ohhhhhh.
38:03.6 HOT-2 yeah.
38:04.6 HOT-1 ehh well can we just go ahead with that MELed we'll uh get it--. well I'll tell you we could go with that MEL but I can't sign the release. I guess we'll have to get somebody to fix it then won't we. well I guess we will.
38:18.9 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
38:19.5 HOT-1 took em twenty minutes to fix it. they just had to pop out a panel uh little component put in another component.
38:25.2 HOT-2 yeah.
38:26.1 HOT-1 and it took em all of twenty minutes. it's just the fact that they were shorthanded.
38:29.2 HOT-2 oh yeah.
38:29.7 HOT-1 they were trying to uh uh--.
38:31.9 HOT-2 save a minute here.
38:32.7 HOT-1 yeah save a minute here. get us out back and then they would have time to do it.
38:36.8 HOT-2 yeah.
38:41.1 HOT-1 but of course that turned into a fiasco. we were going to Alexandria Louisiana that night.
38:46.3 HOT-2 oh yeah.
38:46.7 HOT-1 and uh let's do a cruise checklist.
38:49.8 HOT-2 oh cruise checklist.
38:51.2 HOT-1 yeah.
38:52.4 HOT-2 altimeters two niner six seven set crosscheck.
38:54.9 HOT-1 two niner six seven set crosscheck.
38:57.5 HOT-2 power set seatbelt sign on lights set cabin pressure check. and well cabin pressure. what's Buffalo at?
39:07.0 HOT-1 uh not too much. uh seven twenty eight.
39:08.7 HOT-2 seven hundred.
39:12.7 HOT-2 cabin pressure check and twenty four hour ice protection test complete. cruise checklist complete. um-huh.
39:17.2 HOT-1 thanks. yeah we uh after they fixed it so-- we were already delayed. They fixed it we were delayed a little bit more. no big deal.
39:24.0 HOT-2 yeah.
39:24.2 HOT-1 get in uh start up number two and we're doing the paperwork and all of a sudden we get bing. look-- it looked-- it was engine lookup light. I went oh crap that's not good. I looked up it was chip detect. light chip detect.
39:43.3 HOT-2 what's that?
39:43.7 HOT-1 what-- what that-- what that's doing is detecting chips of metal in the engine.
39:48.4 HOT-2 oh.
39:50.2 HOT-1 and uh we were thinking aww crap. so I said grab the checklist real quick and let's just go through it. well in the chip detect abnormal checklist there's nothing pertaining to on the ground. it's all pertaining to in the air so I said okay shut it down. called maintenance they came over they cleaned out a little filter screen. they said it was probably arbon built up blah blah blah.
40:05.3 ZNY-C two eight charlie golf climb and maintain flight level two two zero.
40:09.8 N28CG two zero zero for two two zero two eight charlie golf.
40:12.1 ZNY-C and how would you describe the icing?
40:16.8 HOT-2 yeah.
40:17.4 HOT-1 they fel-- uh cleaned out this little carbon screen. did uh a runup check observation. I kept everybodyon the plane. told em what was going on. man their eyes were you know they're all over here watching what they were doing. but it was either that or they'd have to get bussed around get out and bout the time that they'd get out they would bus em back around.
40:18.3 N28CG yeah we'll call it about light to moderate rime.
40:36.7 HOT-2 yeah.
40:37.2 HOT-1 anyway we started up ops check good. so filling out filling out the paperwork. got the door closed and everything. it's got a little whiskey hatch over here.
40:45.4 HOT-2 uh-huh.
40:46.0 HOT-1 I'm handing the paperwork out. ding. #. right chip detect-- chip detect again.
40:51.8 HOT-2 ohh.
40:52.8 HOT-1 so I shut it down told everybody yeah we're gonna have to get another airplane. they had another airplane it was on a Saturday so they had extra-- they had spares because of the schedule and everything.
41:01.9 HOT-2 yeah.
41:04.4 HOT-1 um so uh twenty minutes later we launch and get about halfway up there uh over this one VOR and uh all of a sudden oh and uh uh I'll back up a half a step. I was telling the--telling the FO this was like-- I don't know a month after I upgraded to captain.
41:29.7 HOT-2 oh geez.
41:30.6 HOT-1 I said you know uh uh all this stuff is just happening to me. and it's—you know hell the only thing I haven't had is is an air return.
41:39.8 HOT-2 oh God.
41:40.8 HOT-1 so we get over this VOR headed to Alexandria. ding ding ding. that's not a caution light that's a master warning.
41:48.5 HOT-2 yeah.
41:50.5 HOT-1 and uh looked up avionics smoke detector.
41:56.2 HOT-2 ohh.
41:58.2 HOT-1 I'm going @ my FO cool as #. man should I get my uh smoke goggles on and everything. said yeah gimme-- gimme the memory items. I'm-- I'm over here. I don't smell anything. the avionics bay is right behind the captain's seat
42:15.9 HOT-2 yeah.
42:17.1 HOT-1 there's a little uh fire bottle. little uh rubber kind of cover thing that you can stithe fire bottle into and blow it if you need to if you're actually on fire.
42:21.1 HOT-2 uh-huh...uh-huh.
42:28.2 HOT-1 I reach back in here and find it and uh I open it up because it's-- it's kind of like a drainer in a sink.
42:35.5 HOT-2 yeah.
42:35.9 HOT-1 like over a garbage disposal. it's just kinda like this. and it's rubber and you can push.
42:40.2 HOT-2 uh-huh.
42:40.5 HOT-1 so I pushed it. man man I don't smell anything. called the flight attendant. @ hey do you smell any smoke back there? no. why? should I?
42:53.3 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
42:55.5 HOT-1 well no you shouldn't. I'm glad you don't. thanks for playing the game. and-- and I just cut her off. good *. [sound of laughter]
43:04.3 HOT-2 nice.
43:05.9 HOT-1 she calls back well uh what-- what do you want me to do? I said nawman uh I said I think it's just a false alarm. but uh I was just checking. We just-- we've got a light up here that went off. I said I don't think there's anything to it. so anyway she-- she was good with that. and uh we didn't have ACARS-- we don't have ACARS in the Saabs. so I called uh Manassas on ARINC. I said uh so uh what do you want me to do? Go back to Houston? continue on or what? call us when you get on the ground in Alexandria. hey no problem. so they're gonna do a road trip and change the smoke detector out.
43:23.7 HOT-2 yeah...yeah.
43:48.5 HOT-1 and uh sure enough by the next morning-- we were taking it out the next morning they had-- they had come-- they did a road trip from Houston. changed the deal out. away we went. of course after that day uh we all went to the uh steakhouse. we ate a steak baked potato and drank a messload of beer.
44:09.4 HOT-2 yeah.
44:10.2 HOT-1 it was just one of those-- one of those days. yeah.
44:12.1 HOT-2 one of those days where you have to have a few beers at the end.
44:16.4 HOT-1 that was that was a good time. I like flying the Saab. if-- if you upgrade to the Saab-- I mean if you have the opportunity to upgrade to Saab versus the Q and you want to get your PIC time. 
44:29.2 HOT-2 um-huh.
44:29.5 HOT-1 and uh you know and if that's uh you know a goal for you I guess go ahead and do it.
44:34.0 HOT-2 yeah. um-huh.
44:35.8 HOT-1 that a neat airplane to fly. it's not like this.
44:38.2 HOT-2 yeah right.
44:40.1 HOT-1 I mean it's taking five steps backwards but you're in the left seat.
44:46.2 HOT-2 yeah.
44:46.5 HOT-1 it's-- it's like moms SUV or minivan. you know the soccer van uh you don't have to fly with your hands and your feet. you just fly with your hands.
44:59.2 HOT-2 yeah.
44:59.5 HOT-1 once you-- once you flip the auto-- uh the yaw damp on and autopilot on it's solid as a rock.
45:05.2 HOT-2 works the rudders for you.
45:07.1 HOT-1 yeah it works rudders for you. it's all coordinated.
45:09.9 HOT-2 I think it's fun flying with-- with captains. not so much any-- lately but right at first that came from the Saab and they'd see-- they'd see the rudder and they'd-- aww # and kick it really hard and fling the plane back and forth.
45:23.8 HOT-1 kind of like I did a little while ago.
45:25.4 HOT-2 yeah kind of but uh at first I flew-- I flew with some captains that were doing it really bad.
45:30.5 HOT-1 really.
45:30.9 HOT-2 like knock the flight attendants down in the back.
45:32.7 HOT-1 [sound of laughter]
45:34.5 HOT-2 like I'd see the flight attendants afterwards and they're like um who was flying.
45:39.8 HOT-1 that would be that bonehead captain.
45:42.8 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
45:44.0 HOT-1 you know what? yeah I tell you I'm getting a lot more used to it. uh I'm not saying I like it any better but I am getting used to it.
45:51.0 HOT-2 yeah.
45:55.6 HOT-2 yeah I don't know what I want to do with the upgrade. I'm not entirely in like a big rush to upgrade. um it would depend on where I'm based. Just because having to commute to be the bottom of the list is gonna suck. and--.
46:07.0 HOT-1  true and-- and you know like you were talking about as far as uh right now your wanting to buy a house and wanting to have--.
46:13.6 HOT-2 exactly if I hold off-- you know if it's a matter of holding on a few months well then I'll be making a substantial amount more money in the-- in the Q than I would in the Saab.
46:22.0 HOT-1 right.
46:22.9 HOT-2 depending you know how-- how long would it be to make that worth my while. would it-- would I make more money upgrading into the Saab right away or would I make more money if I waited for the Q for a little while.
46:32.6 HOT-1 well think of it this way uh if you-- if you stayed on the on the Q obviously you're gonna-- you're not making the captain rate.
46:42.0 HOT-2 right.
46:42.5 HOT-1 but you may have a better quality of life to begin with uhh with regards to buying a house and having a schedule to where you you know you could work around and you could be--.
46:55.3 HOT-2 exactly.
46:55.6 HOT-1 you know home with your husband to to take care of all that kind of stuff.
46:59.6 HOT-2 exactly yeah it's just gonna depend where we're at when that happens. but I-- I mean I'm not-- I'm not in such a hurry to upgrade. I've got very very very good connections at Alaska.
47:10.4 HOT-2 oh cool.
47:11.2 HOT-2 Alaska's the only major I'd want to go to.
47:13.2 HOT-1 yeah.
47:13.5 HOT-2 just because I don't want to commute my whole life...so um once I do upgrade you know once once Alaska starts hiring I don't-- I mean I don't necessarily have to have a thousand hours PIC. I need to have some PIC.
47:25.7 HOT-1 you don't have to with uh Alaska?
47:26.8 HOT-2 um it it depends. you you you do and on paper you do but it just-- it it depends who you know. if you know people then you can kind of sneak away with it a little bit. I definitely need to have you know the proper experience you need to be qualified. but if I have--. 
47:36.6 HOT-1 huh...sure.
47:40.4 HOT-2 you know if at about five hundred hours they said to to go and interview and then I can interview and they can say we want you to have a thousand hours. so once you get a thousand hours um we're gonna put you into ground school. they'll say stuff like that.
47:53.9 HOT-1 okay.
47:54.3 HOT-2 so I mean it depends and I don't even know if that's the route I want to go anymore...you know the more I think about it. I wouldn't I wouldn't mind flying for FedEx or UPS.
48:09.3 HOT-1 FedEx is still big on military time and the uh and the internal recommendations so those two things--I mean that knocks me out of FedEx for sure.
48:10.5 HOT-2 yeah...yeah.
48:18.0 HOT-1 but uh UPS like I said I got my cousin that uh flies seven fives seven six.he's based in Ontario.
48:26.3 HOT-2 yeah.
48:27.2 HOT-1 uh not too far from where he lives. but uh.
48:36.3 HOT-2 yeah I wouldn't mind-- you know I could even see myself doing like I mean for quality of life I could see myself doing cargo stuff and just I mean like small stuff like there's a company that flies right out of my hometown to Spokane Washington and back every night.
48:36.7 HOT-1 that's just--.
48:49.5 HOT [tones similar to ACARS message reception]
48:51.2 HOT-2 and I'd do that three nights a week and be home. I could have kids and raise a family. and I think that that might be more worth my while. something like that.
48:58.5 HOT-1 yeah yeah.
48:59.6 HOT-2 and it just depends. I don't even know. I'm I'm so in limbo right now it's actually kind of kind of interesting. like I don't know where I'll be in a year. I don't know where I'll be in--.
49:05.4 HOT-1 well just keep your eyes open you know and and keep you know keep listening uhh and and something will come across er you know you'll know whenever it's time.
49:18.2 HOT-2 yeah.
49:18.3 HOT-1 I've gotta do this. I've gotta-- I'm ready to move on. um [sound similar to yawn] excuse me. it's kind of like me. you know I started this this little gig late in life.
49:28.7 HOT-2 yeah.
49:28.9 HOT-1 oh it's like it's a second career for me basically because I-- I was able to take that package with  Verizon.
49:34.1 HOT-2 yeah.
49:35.5 HOT-1 but uh...you know it's...you know do I-- g-- at this point do I go to a major and you know not be able to be there for very long.
49:48.8 HOT-2 yeah be an FO the rest of your life or... 
49:51.8 HOT-1  uhh which-- that may not be a bad thing as long as I would be able to progress and and uh and be alifetime FO if you will.
50:02.9 HOT-2 yeah yeah.
50:03.4 HOT-1 uh and just and and dwell upon the quality of life part of it or do I stay here with Colgan and uh...
50:11.8 HOT-2 [sound similar to sneeze] excuse me.
50:15.2 HOT-1 and you know likewise do the quality of life. I don't have to make two hundred thousand dollars a year er a hundred fifty thousand dollars a year whatever you know I could--.
50:20.7 HOT-2 exactly.
50:23.8 HOT-1 I can certainly be comfortable on on a hundred thousand. um you got traffic out there just it's crossing left to right.
50:32.9 HOT-2 uh in sight.
50:35.4 HOT-1 but uh--.
50:41.8 HOT-2 um winds are at two fifty at fifteen gusting twenty three they're using runway--.
50:45.0 ZNY-C Colgan three four zero seven contact Cleveland Center one two four point three two.
50:48.8 RDO-2 one two four point three two Colgan three four zero seven.
50:53.1 HOT-2 one two four thirty two.
50:58.5 RDO-2 Cleveland Center Colgan thirty four zero seven sixteen thousand.
51:02.1 ZOB Colgan thirty four zero seven Cleveland Center roger.
51:05.4 HOT-2 alright so it's the winds are at two five zero fifteen gusting twenty three and they're using three two and two three. do you want to use uh--.
51:11.7 HOT-1 uh two three.
51:12.5 HOT-2 two three.
51:13.2 HOT-1 yeah.
51:13.7 HOT-2 okay.
51:16.3 HOT-1 and flaps fifteen.
51:18.3 HOT-2 okay.
51:21.7 HOT-2 uh it's runway two three.
51:23.8 HOT-1 ouch.
51:26.1 ZOB Southwest six fifteen cleared direct to the Buffalo airport.
51:35.8 HOT-2 that us?
51:37.0 HOT-1 nope.
51:37.4 HOT-2 I didn't think so.
51:38.6 HOT-1 yeah.
51:39.1 HOT-2 [sound of laughter] I just heard direct Buffalo.
51:42.0 HOT-2 uh does this look good to you? um...we've got TRAVA ILS two three TRAVA KLUMP runway two three.
51:50.7 HOT-1 yeah TRAVA.
51:51.9 HOT-2 yeah here you go. and the EOA is in there.
51:59.4 HOT-1 thirty three.
52:05.1 HOT-1 try not to be dyslexic.
52:07.8 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
52:08.2 HOT-1 last time I flew in here two thirty uh-- two thirty three's the uh inbound course. I put two twenty three.
52:14.2 HOT-2 oh geez. two thirty thirty three-- no * it's runway-- oh it is two thirty three?
52:19.6 HOT-1 it's two thirty three.
52:21.3 HOT-2 runway two three. oh yeah no that makes sense. now you got me confused.
52:26.2 HOT-1 well I-- well I didn't mean to confuse you now. two three three.
52:29.9 HOT-2 two three three.
52:31.0 HOT-1 and I'll brief it that way too.
52:32.6 HOT-2 alright it's two three three. [sound of laughter] we're good.
52:34.2 HOT-1 that's two three three.
52:57.2 HOT-2 alrighty and for the rest of that weather uh three miles. it's snowing with some mist.
53:03.5 HOT-1 alright.
53:05.7 HOT-2 it didn't give me an RVR.
53:07.5 HOT-1 good...it's good.
53:10.9 HOT-2 that means it's far enough right?
53:13.9 HOT-1 yeah.
53:20.3 HOT-2 runway five then what do we have? one two nine two five.
53:40.2 HOT-2 alrighty your numbers. for flaps fifteen runway two three are eighteen and fourteen.
53:47.5 HOT-1 alrighty eighteen and fourteen.
53:49.7 HOT-2 we have to go around it's gonna be twenty five and forty five.
54:06.7 HOT-2 alrighty. I don't think we had any specials did we?
54:12.0 HOT-1 uh I don't believe we did.
54:13.6 HOT [sound of double chime]
54:16.9 INT-3 hello.
54:17.2 INT-2 hey any specials?
54:18.6 INT-3 uh no we don't.
54:19.8 INT-2 no specials.
54:20.6 INT-3 nope.
54:20.8 INT-2 we should be there in about twenty twenty five minutes.
54:23.0 INT-3 fantastic.
54:23.9 INT-2 alright
54:24.1 INT-3 thanks bye.
54:58.5 HOT-2 yeah I kind of like that I'm so flexible with what I'm doing.
55:01.3 CAM [sound similar to seat track movement]
55:03.0 HOT-2 * I have goals but I have such a wide range of goals I don't know exactly what I want.
55:05.3 HOT [sound similar to double chime]
55:25.0 ZOB Colgan thirty four zero seven Cleveland.
55:28.1 RDO-2 thirty four zero seven go ahead.
55:30.2 ZOB Colgan thirty four zero seven reset your transponder. Squawk seven-- er uh two seven six two.
55:35.6 RDO-2 two seven six two Colgan thirty two-- thirty four zero seven.
55:39.9 HOT-2 oops I think I had two seven six two I think I put half and half. two seven six two yeah. twenty five and then I switched that one. oops.
56:08.0 HOT-1 it's just like we're in I don't know just just a light haze or type cloud. I don't know just we can see things out in front of us.
56:17.4 HOT-2 do you want to go down?
56:18.6 HOT-1 huh? ohh. I was thinking about that.
56:26.4 HOT-2 might be easier on my ears if we start going down sooner.
56:28.9 HOT-1 yeah we could do it. that's fine.
56:35.6 ZOB Colgan thirty four zero seven uh say again?
56:35.9 HOT-1 get discretion to twelve.
56:38.7 RDO-2 oh yeah just can we get PD down to twelve thousand for Colgan thirty four zero seven.
56:42.6 ZOB uhh standby.
56:44.9 HOT-1 I got your standby.
56:46.5 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
57:07.1 HOT-1 we may have to wait for separation on this guy over here.
57:10.0 HOT-2 yeah.
57:10.8 ZOB Colgan thirty four zero seven cross BENEE at maintain one one thousand.
57:15.7 RDO-2 BENEE at one one eleven thousand Colgan thirty four zero seven.
57:20.5 HOT-2 BENEE at eleven.
57:21.3 HOT-1 tooo what was it?
57:23.2 HOT-2 BENEE.
57:23.4 HOT-1 oh BENEE.
57:25.4 HOT-1 BENEE at one one thousand.
57:27.2 HOT-2 yes sir.
57:34.9 HOT-1 yeah that works.
58:31.1 HOT-1 you know we had a a controller down in Houston. uh he was known as Mister Happy.
58:37.7 HOT-2 oh yeah.
58:38.4 HOT-1 guy was just he was-- had a perfect personality for the being a controller. he never let anything rattle him. and he just all just all bubbly type a type a guy. he retired-- just to let you know how he-- how well respected he was um he retired and he had they published where his retirement party was. there was pilots from Continental Colgan pilots Chautauqua Expressjet you know the main carriers there in Houston. 
59:09.2 HOT-2 oh that's cool.
59:12.3 HOT-1 they all went to go see you know Mister Happy and everything but but that's where I got the bentwing pencil jet.
59:19.6 HOT-2 it's where what?
59:20.6 HOT-1 that's where I got the bent wing pencil jet uh name from. 
59:24.7 HOT-2 he calls them that?
59:26.4 HOT-1 yeah it was uh Jet Lincoln instead of Jetlink. called em Jet Lincoln and we were Cold One.
59:29.0 HOT-2 uh-huh...oh.
59:32.4 HOT-1 Cold One nintey five sixty five you'll be following a bent wing pencil jet at your one oh clock. two miles or whatever it was.
59:40.9 HOT-2 that's funny.
59:42.1 HOT-1 either that or you're following the lawn dart today. let's see uh if it was a CRJ we're following the Barbie Jet.
59:45.6 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
59:52.2 HOT-2 the Barbie Jet.
59:59.5 HOT-1 or he would say you're following Chi-tak-wa.
00:03.3 HOT-1 [sound of laughter]
00:04.1 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
00:05.9 HOT-2 the guys that have fun and enjoy their jobs are so much more pleasant to work with.
00:09.4 HOT-1 oh yeah. 
00:10.8 HOT-2 yeah.
00:16.2 HOT-1 College Station Texas was a a contract control tower.
00:23.0 HOT-2 yeah.
00:23.2 HOT-1 had a guy that worked in there. had an odd accent to begin with. and uh College Station Airport is uh owned and operated by the university—uh the Texas A and M university.
00:37.8 ZOB Mesaba thirty forty five contact Cleveland Center one two zero point six.
00:39.7 HOT-2 uh-huh.
00:43.2 RDO-2 one two zero point six Colgan thirty four zero seven.
00:46.2 ZOB nope Colgan thirty four zero seven you stay here. that was for Mesaba.
00:49.8 HOT-2 oh.
00:51.7 HOT-2 I'm not doing very good by * tonight.
00:52.7 HOT-1 it's alright.
00:54.0 ZOB Colgan thirty four zero seven you still here?
00:56.3 RDO-2 yes sir thirty four zero seven.
00:59.5 HOT-1 sorry about that. oh anyway he would say Eeeeeeeeastwood information echo.
01:08.9 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
01:11.3 HOT-1 and he'd give us he'd give us same type of uh clearance to Houston. Colgan ninety five twenty six you're cleared to the George Herbert Walker er yeah George Herbert Walker Bush Intergalactical Airport. 
01:27.6 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
01:28.1 HOT-1 instead of Intercontinental. Intergalactical Airport via the College Station zero seven six. baaaseball Rice won. climb maintain seven thousand. departure frequency is Houston Center one two three point seven. squawk whatever you know.
01:36.8 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
01:47.6 HOT-2 yeah.
01:48.0 HOT-1 and I would try to read it back exactly the same way. went in there I don't know you know about three or four months before I left and he was just all calm and quiet. you know I could tell it was him said hey man what happened to that Eeeeeeastwood Airport information echo. he said yeahthey clipped my wings.
02:09.7 HOT-2  oh no. they didn't like him doing that?
02:12.3 HOT-1 I said well uh if if you need uh if you need any help on that one you just let me know who to call and I'll uh be glad to put in a good word for ya. And he he chuckled. he said uh he said awww let it blow over for a little while and I'll be back I'll be back to my regular self later.
02:32.1 HOT-2 [sound of laughter]
02:32.9 HOT-1  yeah.
02:36.4 HOT-1 I just like the flying down there a whole lot better.
02:39.1 HOT-2 yeah.
02:39.6 HOT-1  see and and in the Saab in the northeast uh you * there's no FMS there's no glass.
02:46.9 HOT-2  yeah.
02:47.5 HOT-1 and you're you're asses and elbows all the time.
02:51.5 HOT-2  yeah.
02:52.4 HOT-1  uh because uh you're flying the the victor airways. the uh the VORs are so close together and you're having to go to intersections.
03:00.3 HOT-2  yeah.
03:00.7 HOT-1  cross radials and all that kind of stuff. and uh it's it's hard work.
03:04.8 HOT-2  yeah.
03:05.3 HOT-1  down in Houston y— you're more spread out. uh the flying is a whole lot nicer down there the controllers are a whole lot nicer. in Florida the same way.
03:18.6 HOT-2  yeah Phoenix is like that.
03:21.2 HOT-1  man I— it's just all the pressure of all the the congestion and the the volume and weather and anything and everything. the the controllers uh they just it's like they uh constantly have their—.
03:38.1 ZOB  Colgan thirty four zero seven contact Buffalo Approach one two six point one five.
03:41.8 HOT  [sound similar to altitude alert]
03:42.7 RDO-2  one two six one five Colgan thirty four zero seven.
03:45.4 HOT-1  twelve eleven alt sel.
03:46.5 HOT-2  twelve eleven alt sel.
03:53.0 RDO-2  Buffalo Approach Colgan thirty four zero seven twelve for eleven thousand with romeo.
03:59.2 APP  Colgan forty four zero seven Buff Approach good evening. Buffalo altimeter's two niner eight  zero. plan ILS approach runway two three.
04:05.1 RDO-2 two niner eight zero and ILS two three Colgan thirty four zero seven.
04:09.1 HOT-2 *.
04:09.3 HOT-1 two niner eight zero.
04:11.6 HOT-2  eight.
04:12.4 HOT-1  and we'll expect two three.
04:15.1 HOT-2  yup.
04:15.5 HOT-1  and if you've got your charts handy I'll brief it real quick.
04:17.7 HOT-2  IIII do.
04:19.4 HOT-1  **. alright it's uh gonna be the ILS to uh runway two three at Buffalo. Chart eleven two twenty April oh seven.
04:28.9 HOT-2  yes sir.
04:29.7 HOT-1 got uh eleven three's the frequency set both sides. two thirty three set on my side I saw you set yours. uh glideslope uh final approach fix uh glideslope intercept is at the—.
04:39.9 APP  Colgan thirty four zero seven proceed direct TRAVA.
04:43.2 RDO-2  direct TRAVA Colgan thirty four zero seven.
04:45.8 HOT-2  direct—.
04:46.2 HOT-1 direct TRAVA.
04:50.6 HOT-1  oooh let's see I forget. do I do the do the first one?
04:54.8 HOT-2  I did the first one. it doesn't matter you could do either one. there's no hold in there so—.
05:00.6 APP  Colgan thirty four zero seven descend and maintain six thousand.
05:03.8 RDO-2  sorry about that down to six thousand Colgan thirty four zero seven.
05:08.2 HOT-2  cranky old guy.
05:08.9 HOT-1  six thousand alt sel. that's something I you in in the Saab whoever if the autopilot's engaged you know the pilot flying manipulates that #.
05:17.0 HOT-2  yeah...oh yeah.
05:20.7 HOT-1  I don't know why we don't do that here but we don't.
05:23.2 HOT-2  yeah.
05:24.3 HOT-1  alright well if you don't mind I'm gonna go ahead and push her on down at a thousand feet a minute.
05:27.0 HOT-2  oh that's okay.
05:29.5 HOT-1  uh continuing on glideslope intercept's the outer marker twenty two oh six that's fourteen uh seventy eight above the ground. DA's nine twenty eight we'll put nine thirty in...it's also two hundred above the ground. Touchdown zone elevation is seven twenty eight. highest MSA's 
06:31.0 HOT-2  left.
06:32.6 HOT-1  oh sure. I'll do it left turn.
06:36.9 HOT-2  left turn.
06:37.6 HOT-1  first available.
06:38.7 HOT-2  I think so.
06:39.9 HOT-1  can I make echo?
06:41.3 HOT-2  um I think so.
06:42.9 HOT-1  okay.
06:45.3 HOT-1  we'll do it. oh #.
06:48.7 HOT-2  [sound of laughter]
06:50.5 HOT-1  going too far off.
06:55.6 HOT-2  yeah you can make echo.
06:55.8 HOT-1 *.
07:14.2 HOT-2  [sound similar to yawn] alright I'm gonna call in range. I'll be off one for a second.
07:16.8 HOT-1  I got one.
07:18.3 HOT-2  * two five right? yup.
07:22.1 RDO-2  Ops Colgan thirty four zero seven's in range.
07:30.6 OPS  thirty four zero seven go for Buffalo ops.
07:33.4 RDO-2  yeah we're just letting you know we're in range. uh let's see here looks like we're ten maybe fifteen minutes out.
07:39.2 OPS  we'll see you in about ten fifteen minutes. gate twenty six. um we do actually have another Colgan turn we're trying to get out uh because they have the adapter we need to meet you guys. um so it might be just a couple minutes when  you get here before we can actually bring the jetbridge up to ya. 
07:54.2 RDO-2  alrighty uh thirty four zero seven we'll be we'll be ready for that thanks.
07:58.6 OPS  thank you see you then.
07:59.9 HOT-1  is the other Colgan in?
08:02.3 HOT-2 the other Colgan's there right now. and they're trying to turn him and we may have to sit and wait for them to turn him.
08:07.4 HOT-1 yeah.
08:08.4 HOT-2  that's what she said.
08:09.1 HOT-1  how'd they beat us?
08:11.8 HOT-2  I don't— they must have taken runway two niner. 'cause they— we we sat there for like forty five minutes without anybody taking off two two.
08:27.5 HOT-1  alrighty.
08:41.0 HOT-2  alrighty **.
08:41.4 APP  Colgan thirty four zero seven descend and maintain five thousand.
08:45.0 RDO-2  five thousand Colgan thirty four zero seven.
08:47.9 HOT-1  five thousand alt sel.
08:48.9 HOT-2  five thousand alt sel I'm off one.
08:50.2 HOT-1  I've got one.
08:51.1 PA-2  folks from the flight deck your first officer speaking uh it looks like at this time we're about ten maybe fifteen minutes outside of Buffalo. weather in Buffalo is uh pretty foggy. uh snowing a little bit there it's not too  terribly cold uh but uh at this time I'd like to make sure everybody remains in their seats so the flight attendants can prepare the cabin for arrival. thank you.
09:10.6 HOT-2  alrighty I'm back on one.
09:12.1 APP  Colgan thirty four zero seven descend and maintain four thousand.
09:15.6 RDO-2  and four thousand Colgan thirty four zero seven.
09:15.9 PA-3  ladies and gentlemen in preparation for landing in Buffalo please be certain your seatback is straight up and your seatbelt is fastened. Please pass any remaining service items and unwanted reading materials to us as we pass through the cabin. please turn off all portable electronic devices and stow them until we have reached the gate. after landing Continental Connection allows passengers to use cell phones. I will make an announcement when it is safe to use this device. if you plan to use your cell phone please ensure it's accessible since personal items must be stowed until we reach the gate.
09:17.8 HOT-1  four thousand alt sel.
09:18.8 HOT-2  four thousand.
09:26.0 HOT-1  how's the ears?
09:27.3 HOT-2  uh they're stuffy.
09:31.6 HOT-1  are they poppin?
09:32.7 HOT-2  yeah.
09:33.3 HOT-1  okay. that's a good thing.
09:35.7 HOT-2  yeah I wanta make em pop. [sound of laughter]
10:22.6 HOT-2  is that ice on our windshield?
10:25.6 HOT-1  got it on my side. you don't have yours?
10:28.7 HOT-1  * [sound of whistle]
10:30.5 CAM  [sound of click]
10:32.3 HOT-2  oh yeah oh it's lots of ice.
10:47.5 HOT-1  oh yeah that's the most I've seen— most ice I've seen on the leading edges in a long time. in a while anyway I should say.
10:51.4 HOT-2  oh *.
10:57.7 HOT-2  yeah that's another thing. all the guys— @ came in to our when we interviewed and he said oh yeah you'll all be upgraded in six months into the Saab and blah ba blah ba blah and I'm thinking you know what. Flying in the northeast I've sixteen hundred hours. all of that in Phoenix how much time do you think actual I had or any in in ice. I had more actual time on my first day of IOE than I did in the sixteen hundred hours I had when I came here.
11:21.0 HOT-1  [sound of laughter]
11:22.2 HOT-2  I'm not even kidding. the first day.
11:25.7 HOT-1  well that sounds— well I mean I didn't have sixteen hundred hours.
11:27.5 HOT  [sound similar to altitude alert]
11:28.9 HOT-1  five for four alt sel.
11:29.8 HOT-2  five four alt sel.
11:31.5 HOT-1  but uh as a matter of fact I got hired with about six hundred and twenty five hours here.
11:37.6 HOT-2  oh wow.
11:39.4 HOT-1  uh.
11:39.9 HOT-2  that's not much for uh back when you got hired.
11:42.5 HOT-1  no but uh out of that six and a quarter two hundred fifty hours was uh part one twenty one turbine. multi engine turbine.
11:50.0 HOT-2  oh that's right yeah.
11:54.3 HOT-2  no but all these guys are complaining they're saying you know how we were supposed to upgrade by now and they're complaining I'm thinking you know what? I really wouldn't mind going through a a winter in the northeast before I have to upgrade to captain.
12:04.0 HOT-1  no no.
12:05.0 HOT-2  I've never seen icing conditions. I've never deiced. I've never seen any— I've never experienced any of that. I don't want to have to experience that and make those kinds of calls. you know I'dve freaked out. I'dve have like seen this much ice and thought oh my gosh we were going to crash. 
12:17.7 APP  Colgan thirty four oh seven descend and maintain two thousand three hundred.
12:21.8 RDO-2  okay down to two thousand three hundred Colgan thirty four zero seven.
12:25.1 HOT-2  um two three alt sel.
12:27.4 HOT-2  I've got you in pitch pitch hold. I don't know if that's what you want.
12:27.6 HOT-1  two three alt sel.
12:29.6 HOT-1  yeah that's alright. let's uh— we'll do vertical speed back.
12:33.3 HOT-2  but I'm glad to have seen oh— you know now I'm so much more comfortable with it all.
12:37.6 HOT-1  yeah uh I I spent the first three months in uh Charleston West Virginia and uh flew—.
12:43.5 APP  Colgan thirty four zero seven turn left heading three three zero.
12:47.0 RDO-2  left heading three three zero Colgan thirty four zero seven.
12:49.3 HOT-1 left three three zerooo. we're in heading mode now. go to blue needles.
13:01.2 HOT-1  but I— first couple of times I saw the amount of ice that that Saab would would pick up and keep on truckin'.
13:05.9 HOT-2  yeah.
13:08.0 HOT-1  saw it out on the spinner. ice comin' out about that far my eyes about that big around. I'm going gosh. I mean Florida man— barely a little you know out of Pensacola.
13:09.3 HOT-2  yeah.
13:14.2 HOT-2  holy cow...oh my gosh...oh yeah.
13:18.0 HOT  [sound similar to altitude alert]
13:21.4 HOT-1  that's uh thirty three for twenty three alt sel.
13:24.1 HOT-2  thirty three for twenty three alt sel.
13:24.8 HOT-1  let's do a descent checklist please.
13:25.9 HOT-2  do a descent checklist. altimeters two niner eight zero set crosschecked.
13:29.1 HOT-1  twenty nine eighty set crosschecked.
13:30.8 HOT-2  fuel balance check. pressurization set and cabin PA complete. Descent checklist complete.
13:35.7 HOT-1  alright if you want to go ahead we can do the approach checklist along with it.
13:37.4 HOT-2  yeah sure. um approach checklist approach and landing brief complete.
13:41.6 HOT-1  uh complete.
13:42.3 HOT-2  bugs set.
13:43.3 HOT-1  set.
13:44.3 HOT-2  GPWS landing flaps selected fifteen degrees. fuel transfer off hydraulic pressure and quantity check. caution warning lights check seatbelt sign on and external lights on. approach checklist complete.
13:54.7 HOT-1  rock and roll.
13:58.4 HOT-1  oh yeah— I'm so glad. I would've— I w— I mean—. I would've been been fine. I would have survived it. there wasn't— we n— never had to make decisions that I wouldn't have been able to make but...now I'm more comfortable.
14:08.5 APP Colgan thirty four zero seven turn left heading three one zero.
14:12.1 RDO-2  left heading three one zero for Colgan thirty four zero seven.
14:12.7 CAM  [sound similar to engine power increase]
14:14.6 HOT-1  three one zero.
14:16.6 HOT-2  yeah.
14:22.6 HOT-1  alright let's see if I can get this seat...siteated...that's alright there.
14:24.7 CAM  [sound similar to seat track movement]
14:32.7 HOT-1  still trying to find that sweet spot I guess there *.
14:39.8 CAM  [sound similar to engine power increase]
15:06.3 HOT-1  flaps five.
15:08.1 HOT-2  what?
15:08.8 HOT-1  flaps five please.
15:10.0 HOT-2  oh *.
15:11.2 CAM  [sound similar to flap handle movement]
15:13.5 APP  Colgan thirty four zero seven three miles from KLUMP turn left heading two six zero maintain two thousand three hundred until established localizer. cleared ILS approach runway two three.
15:22.2 RDO-2  left two sixty two thousand three hundred 'til established and cleared ILS two three approach Colgan thirty four zero seven.
15:31.7 HOT-1  alright approach is armed.
15:32.8 HOT-2  roger.
15:59.5 CAM  [sound similar to decrease in engine power]
16:04.1 HOT-1  gear down...loc's alive.
16:06.2 CAM [sound similar to landing gear handle movement]
16:06.4 APP  Colgan thirty four zero seven contact tower one two zero point five. have a good night.
16:07.4 CAM  [sound similar to landing gear deployment]
16:11.5 RDO-2  over to tower you do the same thirty four zero seven.
16:14.9 HOT  [sound of two double chimes]
16:21.2 HOT-2  gear's down.
16:23.5 HOT-1  flaps fifteen before landing checklist.
16:26.0 CAM  [sound similar to flap handle movement]
16:26.6 HOT-2  uhhh.
16:27.4 CAM  [sound similar to stick shaker lasting 6.7 seconds]
16:27.7 HOT  [sound similar to autopilot disconnect horn repeats until end of recording]
16:27.9 CAM  [sound of click]
16:31.1 CAM [sound similar to increase in engine power]
16:34.8 HOT-1  Jesus Christ.
16:35.4 CAM  [sound similar to stick shaker lasting until end of recording]
16:37.1 HOT-2  I put the flaps up.
16:40.2 CAM  [sound of two clicks]
16:42.2 HOT-1  [sound of grunt] *ther bear.
16:45.8 HOT-2  should the gear up?
16:46.8 HOT-1  gear up oh #.
16:50.1 CAM  [increase in ambient noise]
16:51.9 HOT-1  we're down.
16:51.9 CAM  [sound of thump]
16:52.0 HOT-2  we're [sound of scream]

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