July 7, 1962
Near Junnar, Maharashtra, India
Alitalia, Flight 771
McDonnell Douglas DC-8-43

The aircraft crashed into a hill near Bombay, India, at an elevation of 3,600 ft. 50 miles
ENE of the airport. Navigational error. Premature descent. Crew did not use navigational
facilities available. All 94 aboard killed.

1838:54:00 "771 is leaving now five thousand three six zero on the outer marker"
"771 say again your last message"
1839:09:00 "Say again please."
"771 unable to make out your last message, will you please repeat."
"771 please say again. "
"771 request your intentions - Are you coming straight in from the outer marker for landing runway two, seven or making a three sixty over the outer marker then reporting leaving outer marker inbound over? "
1839:38:00 "OK clear to the outer marker runway two seven make a three sixty on the outer marker then report the outer marker inbound for runway two seven. "
"Roger understand you will be making a three sixty over the outer marker Report leaving outer marker while proceeding making a three sixty."
1839:58:00 "Roger will do Alitalia seven seven one. "

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