November 6, 1967
Cincinnati, Ohio
Trans World Airlines, Flight 159
Boeing B-707-131

While on the takeoff roll a loud bang was heard as the aircraft passed a Delta plane and the
takeoff was aborted. The aircraft overran the runway and crashed and burned. One
passenger killed.

CAM-1 = Captain
CAM-2 = First Officer
CAM-3 = Flight Engineer
CAM-? = Unknown
TWR = Cincinnati Tower
# = Expletive

23.39:37.5 CAM-1 Okay, you're lookin' fine. [engine sound reaches highest pitch]
23.39:57.5 CAM-1 Eighty knots, you got 'er.
23.40:01 TWR TWA one twenty eight cleared to land.
23.40:09 CAM-1 Not very # far off the runway.
  CAM-2 Sure as # isn't.
23.40:15 CAM-1 See that fire in the end?
23.40:15.5 CAM-? [Sound of "Pop"]
23.40:16.5 CAM-2 [Sound of engine power cut]
Good God I hit him.
23.40:17.5 CAM-2 Yokes!
23.40:20   [Sound of engine power resumption]
23.40:20.5 CAM-2 Spoilers!
  CAM-1 Oh #.
  CAM-2 Sorry.
  CAM-3 # #
23.40:32   [Sound of impact]

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