December 23, 1978
Near Cinisi, Sicily, Italy
Alitalia, Flight 4128
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32

The aircraft crashed into ocean during a landing approach. Poor monitoring of altitudes and
too early a transition from ILS to visual flight procedures. One- hundred-eight out of 129
aboard killed.

APP: Palermo Approach Control
CAPT: Captain
COP: Co-pilot
STW: Steward
RDR: Palermo Radar
C.RAD: radio transmission by the Captain

0:34:00 COP Let's say we're leaving Guffy and four thousand. [position about 17.5 NM from PRS, altitude about 4100 ft, slightly east of the 217 radial]
C.RAD Alitalia four one two eight leaving Guffy and four thousand.
APP Roger, leaving Guffy and four thousand at three-five. Report...twelve miles out.
C.RAD Twelve miles out.
0:35:15 APP For further, contact Radar 118.6
C.RAD One-eighteen-six.
C.RAD Radar, four-one-two-eight, good evening
RDR 4128, Radar, good evening, go ahead.
C.RAD We're leaving three thousand now and we're thirteen and half miles from Rais [PRS VOR/DME]
  RDR Roger. Proceed as cleared by the Approach. Report ten miles from PRS for identification. Radar monitor service, VOR/DME two approach, runway in use 21.
C.RAD Runway 21. VOR/DME two. We'll call you at ten miles.
COP Uh, if it's a run...we could also make a straight...
STW Nooo....
COP Ah...
CAPT Mmmh...uh...Straight, there it is. Straighter than this...we're going straight to the runway. We have it slightly displaced...
STW Yeah, I've briefly got it.
CAPT Me too, but it appears then disappers...
STW ...then desappears and we get fucked !
COP Ten miles now.
0:37:00 C.RAD Ten miles, 4128.
RDR Identified. Continue [approach]. Slightly to the right, to the right of the 217 [radial]. Report runway in sight.
  C.RAD. We'll call you with the runway in sight. (Sound of radioaltimeter tone, preselected) [Aircraft is passing 2000 ft radio, about 10.5 NM out, almost perfectly aligned with the 217 radial, slightly below theoretical descent path]
COP I see the runway.
STW It could be that one...
CAPT No, it's better to...
COP Radio altimeter...our minima here are seven hundred.
COP He told us we're to the right...
CAPT Slightly to the right.
COP I'd say we're to the left.
STW To left for me also.
CAPT Uh...
0:37:30 COP The runway, that's it just ahead of us. So we were slightly to the right and not to the left. [according to radar recordings, distance is now 7.5 NM from PRS and the aircraft is diverging from the radial, being slightly to the east, that is to say right o
RDR Seven miles. Aligned now. Continue and report.
C.RAD. We'll report.
  CAPT Would we put something ?
COP Fifteen ! [flaps are lowered to 15 ]
COP Those were other lights.
STW Maybe I was fooled by that one...
00: 38: 00 COP Gear. [landing gear is extended. The aircrafts is at about 6 DME, approaching 700 ft when altitude should be 1500 ft, east of the 217 radial]
(sound of radio altimeter tone, 700 ft preselected)
RDR 4128, now you're going to the left of radial. Going left of radial, mile. [this information is correct regarding to the aircraft]
C.RAD. We're slightly left of radial. Which is our position at the moment ?
RDR Your position five miles. Five miles from PRS.
CAPT You got this one. But the runway is that one !
COP So he gave us wrong indications.
RDR 4128, Radar. [The COPot initiates a mild right turn while continuing descent)
C.RAD. Go ahead.
RDR Four miles, still left of two-one seven.
0:38:40 (sound of radio altimeter tone, 200 ft, automatic)
CAPT Wait a minute...
COP So he gave us wrong indications... [Descent is stopped]
CAPT Let's call Radar...
COP We thought we were to the left... (noise of crash. End of recording)

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