November 28, 1987
Off Mauritius, Indian Ocean
South African Airways, Flight 295
South African Airways

The plane took off from Taiwan on a flight to South Africa. While over the Indian Ocean, the crew reported a fire on one of the six cargo pallets in the main air-freight hold. On the CVR , the captain is heard informing the crew that there were explosives in the cargo hold and possibly a nuclear device. The captain had refused to take off, but finally agreed when threatened with dismissal if he didn't make the fight. The fire caused incapacitation and disorientation of the crew, in-flight break-up and loss of control of the aircraft. The plane crashed into the Indian Ocean 220 kms NE of Mauritius. Transportation of hazardous materials in the cargo hold.  All 159 aboard killed.

MA = Mauritius Approach
CA = Captain
FE = Flight Engineer
?? = unknown.
### = expletive
RT = Radio transmission

23:49h UTC
CA: Er, good morning, we have, er, a smoke problem and we are doing an emergency descent to level one five, er, one four zero.
MA: Confirm you wish to descend to flight level one four zero?
CA: Ja, we have already commenced, er, due to a smoke problem in the airplane.
MA: Eh, roger, you are clear to descend immediately to flight level one four zero.
23:50h UTC
CA: Roger, we will appreciate it if you can alert, er, fire, er, er, er.
MA: Do you request a full emergency please? A full emergency?
CA: Affirmative, that's Charlie Charlie
MA: Roger, I declare a full emergency.
CA: Thank you.
23:51h UTC
MA: (asks for a position report)
CA: Now we have lost a lot of electrics. We haven't got anything on the aircraft now.
MA: (asks for an ETA and positions updates)
CA: (gives both)
MA: (advises that both runways are available)
CA: Er, we'd like to track in er, on, er, one three.
MA: Confirm runway one four?
CA: Charlie Charlie.
00:03h UTC
MA: (gives clearance and asks to report passing FL050)
00:04h UTC
CA: Kay. [Last radio contact with ATC]...
[fire alarm bell sounds, followed by interphone chime]
FE: What's going on now - cargo?
FE: It came on now afterwards.
[loud click sounds]
??: Say again?
FE: Main deck cargo...then the other one came on as well. I've got two.
CA: (calls for checklist to be read)
[sound of movements with clicks and clunks]
CA: ****. It is the fact that both came on, it disturbs one.
[intercom chime while CA is speaking]
??: Aag!, ###
CA: What's going on now?
[sudden loud sound & rapid changes tape test tone]

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