August 31, 1988
Dallas, Texas
Delta Air Lines, Flight 1141
Boeing B-727-232 Adv

The aircraft stalled and crashed during takeoff, hitting a ILS localizer antenna, 1,000 feet beyond the end of the runway. Crew error. Improperly set flaps and slats. Failure of the takeoff safety warning system. Fourteen out of 108 people aboard were killed.

CA = Captain
F/O = First Officer
CAM = Cockpit area mike
TWR = Tower

TWR Delta Eleven forty-one, fly heading one eight five, Runway Eighteen left, cleared for takeoff
F/O Eleven forty-one, one one eight five, cleared for takeoff.
CAM [Sound of engines spooling up]
F/O Power is set. Engine instruments look good. Airspeed is comin' up both sides. Eighty knots. Vee R, Vee two.
CAM [Sound of snap; sound of the stick shaker]
CA Somethin's wrong! Oh....
CAM [Sound of engine stall.]
F/O Engine failure.
CA We got an engine failure.  We're not gonna make it. Full power..
CAM [Sound of first impact; sound of second impact; sound of third impact.
CAM [Screams]
CAM [Sound of fourth impact]

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