June 7, 1989
Paramaribo, Surinam
Surinam Airways, Flight 764
McDonnell Douglas DC-8 Super 62

The aircraft hit a tree and crashed during a third landing attempt in fog. The crew descended below the published minimum altitude. Despite concerns about possible landing equipment failures the crew were determined to make a landing and not divert to another airport as they were running out of fuel. They could not get an ILS signal and ignored a Ground Proximity Warning System alarm 60 seconds prior to the crash by turning it off 10 seconds after it started its warning.  One-hundred-seventy-six out of 187 aboard killed.

RT = Radio transmission, F/O
CAM 1 = Captain
CAM 2 = First Officer
CAM 3 = Flight Engineer
TWR = Paramaribo Tower
?? = unknown.

CAM 1 Let me know when you radial's alive here.
CAM 2 Okay it's alive you just keep on coming around on the thirty degrees bank there you be alright.
CAM 2 Get in on up to thirty degrees.
CAM 3 Two thousand fast.
CAM 1 Huh?
CAM 2 Two thousand, two thousand.
CAM-1 Okay.
CAM 1 You mean I went through it so we'll come back.
CAM 2 Just on the one oh three radial.
CAM 1 Now.
CAM 2 It's a level out it's about ten degrees to the right level out now you'll be alright.
CAM 2 You're on the one oh three now on the VOR.
CAM 3 Is it the one oh three inbound.
CAM 2 One oh three.
CAM 3 Or one oh four.
CAM 2 One oh three I'm sorry one oh four.
CAM 1 Okay.
CAM 2 One oh four.
CAM 1 How far out are we.
CAM 2 We got.
CAM 1 How far out are we.
CAM 2 Let me get back on the DME.
CAM 1 Okay.
CAM 2 Runway is twelve thirty.
CAM 1 Okay.
  [Sound of altitude alert]
CAM 1 Ah ??
CAM 1 I'm right on the localizer now.
CAM 2 Thirteen DME.
CAM 2 Runway's twelve o'clock.
CAM 2 Okay.
CAM 2 Twelve DME.
CAM 1 Alright.
CAM 2 Ah I didn't understand you.
TWR Suriname seven six four wind is calm you're cleared to land.
RT Cleared to land seven six four.
CAM 2 On the localizer.
TWR Do you have the runway lights in sight?
RT Affirm.
TWR Roger.
CAM 2 A little bit of low fog coming up I recon just a little bit.
CAM 2 Okay it's down right right there, ah close to the runway.
CAM 2 I see it.
CAM 2 Glideslope's alive.
CAM 1 Gear down.
  [sound of landing gear being lowered]
CAM 1 ?? can't get that son of a ??
CAM 2 Can't get it in there.
CAM 1 Yeah.
CAM 2 Oh well.
CAM 3 I see the altimeters are set, flaps and slats we're working on.
CAM 2 Twenty three on the flap.
CAM 3 Gear is down and three green.
CAM 3 ??
CAM 1 Thirtyfive.
CAM 3 Spoiler lever is armed ignition is on.
CAM 1 Thirtyfive.
CAM 3 Final flap setting to go, Wil.
CAM 1 Okay man.
CAM 2 Drifting slightly left.
CAM 2 That ILS is slightly off on that there indication.
  [sound of trim in motion buzzer]
CAM 2 Slightly left of runway.
CAM 1 If I get a capture here I'll be happy.
CAM 2 On glideslope just above.
CAM 1 I didn't get no capture yet.
CAM 2 No I know it I don't trust that ILS.
CAM 1 There it is.
CAM 2 I think you're... according to that runway you look like you're high.
CAM 1 Now it's okay.
CAM 2 Slightly left of runway.
CAM 1 Okay.
GPWS [Glideslope]
CAM 2 Five hundred feet.
GPWS [Glideslope]
GPWS [Glideslope]
CAM 3 ??
CAM 1 Tell him to turn the runway lights up.
GPWS [Glideslope]
CAM 2 Glideslope.
RT Would you put the runway lights up please?
GPWS Glideslope
CAM 2 How's that.
CAM 1 Tell 'em to put the runway lights bright.
RT Please put the runway lights bright.
TWR Right on.
CAM 2 Three hundred feet.
CAM 1 ??
CAM 2 Two hundred feet.
CAM 1 Okay MDA.
CAM 1 I'll level it out here right here.
CAM 2 One fifty.
CAM 3 Pull up
  [Sound of first impact]
  [Sound of momentary power interruption to the CVR]
  [Sound of stick shaker starts and continues until the end of the recording]
CAM 3 Pull up.
CAM 3 That's it I'm dead.
  [end of recording]

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