March  3, 1991
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United Air Lines, Flight 585
Boeing B-737-291

While on final approach to Colorado Springs, the aircraft suddenly rolled to the right and pitched nose down until it reached an almost vertical attitude before hitting the ground. Uncommanded deflection of the rudder caused by the jamming of the main rudder PUC servo valve. The rudder malfunction forced the plane to go in the opposite direction the pilots commanded it to go. All 25 aboard were killed.

RT = Radio transmission F/O
TWR = Colorado Springs Tower
CAM 1 = Captain
CAM 2 = F/O
?? = unknown.
### = expletive

09.41:20 CAM 1 Twenty five flaps.
09.41:23 TWR United five eighty five after landing hold short of runway three zero for departing traffic on runway ... three zero.
09.41:25   [Sound similar to that of an engine power increase]
09.41:30 CAM 1 Starting on down.
09.41:31 RT We'll hold short of three zero United five eighty five.
09.41:33 CAM 2 That's all the way to the end of our runway not ?? doesn't mean a thing.
09.41:39 CAM 1 No problem.
09.41:51   [sound similar to that of stabilizer trim actuation]
09.42:05   [Sound of "CO" ident on radio channel two]
09.42:08 CAM 2 The marker's identified now it's really weak.
09.42:11 CAM 1 No problem.
09.42:29 CAM 2 We had a ten knot change here.
09.42:31 CAM 1 Yeah, I know ... awful lot of power to hold that ... airspeed.
09.43:01 CAM 2 Another ten knot gain.
09.43:03 CAM 1 Thirty flaps.
09.43:08 CAM 2 Wow.
09.43:09   [Sound similar to that of an engine power reduction]
09.43:28.2 CAM 2 We're at a thousand feet.
09.43:32.6 CAM 2 Oh, God ... flip
09.43:33.5 CAM 1 Fifteen flaps.
09.43:34 CAM 2 Fifteen.
09.43:34.4 CAM 2 Oh!
09.43:34.7 CAM 1 Oh! [exclaimed loudly]
09.43:35.5   [Click sound similar to that of a flap lever actuation]
09.43:34.7 CAM 1 ###
09.43:36.1 CAM [Click sound similar to that of a flap lever actuation]
09.43:36.5 CAM 1 No! [very loud]
09.43:37:4   [Click sound similar to that of a flap lever actuation]
09.43:38.4 CAM 2 Oh my God... [unidentifiable click sound] Oh my God! [scream]
09.43:40.5 CAM 1 Oh no (#) [exclaimed loudly]
09.43:41.5   [Sound of impact]

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