December 21, 1992
Faro, Algarve, Portugal
Martinair Holland NV, Flight 495
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF

While attempting a second landing in high winds, during a storm, the aircraft's wing tip hit the runway resulting in the aircraft departing the runway and causing a fuel tank to explode. The high rate of descent in the final phase of the approach and the landing made on the right landing gear which exceeded the structural limitations of the aircraft. The crosswind, which exceeded the aircrafts limits and which occurred in the final phase of the approach and during landing. The combination of both factors caused stresses which exceeded the structural limitations of the aircraft. Fifty-six out of 340 aboard killed.

07.27:12 ATC Martinair four six one, uh, on the ground at two eight, at the end and by the left, change to Tower frequency one, uh, one eight decimal two.
07.27:20 MP461 One one eight two, pleasant day.
07.27:25 - // Sound of selector knob //
07.27:53 CAPT Approaching eight miles.
07.27:54 FO Yes.
07.27:56 CAPT I'll give you one one one.
07.27:57 - // Sound of selector knob //
07.28:01 FO Over right, heading zero eight zero.
07.28:04 CAPT ... zero eight zero ...
07.28:11 RDO Four nine five is turning inbound.
    // Sound of selector knob (auto pilot trim) //
07.28:42 ??? ... zero.
07.28:44 CAPT Ja.
07.28:55 CAPT Seven DME.
07.28:57 FO Ja, dan mag de gear down. [Yes, then the gear maybe selected down]
07.29:00 CAPT Gear down.
07.29:17 CAPT Wind is from right ...
07.29:22 CAPT Gear is down.
07.29:23 FO Ja, thank you.
07.29:25 FO Flaps three five.
07.29:28 CAPT Flaps three five.
07.29:30 - // Sound of selector knob //
07.29:32 CAPT Flaps are three five.
07.29:36 FO Vertical speed selected.
07.29:36 AC1158 Air Columbus one one five eight with you.
07.29:38 ATC One one five eight continue to taxi.
07.29:43 FO Flaps, five zero.
07.29:47 CAPT Flaps five zero.
07.29:50 - // Sound of selector know, pause, 4 clicks, selector knob //
07.30:05 CAPT Check?
07.30:06 FO Yes, check.
07.30:08 CAPT Five DME, fourteen thirty.
07.30:11 - // Sound of selector knob //
07.30:13 CAPT Wind is coming from the right, thirty knots, drift twelve degrees, so you make it one two three or so.
07.30:22 FO Ja.
07.30:25 FE OK, for the landing checklist?
07.30:27 FO Ja, landing checklist.
07.30:28 CAPT Four DME, eleven twenty.
07.30:32 FE Missed approach altitude.
07.30:36 CAPT .. three ..., set.
07.30:38 AC1158 Air Columbus one one five eight, ready for departure.
07.30:40 FE Altimeters.
07.30:41 CAPT Set three times.
07.30:44 FE Spoilers. // Sound of arming the spoilers //
07.30:45 CAPT Arm.
07.30:46 FE I'll check them.
07.30:47 CAPT Ja.
07.30:50 FE Flaps, slats.
07.30:52 CAPT Five zero, land.
07.30:55 FE Landing checklist completed.
07.30:56 CAPT OK.
07.30:57 AC1158 Tower, Air Columbus one one five eight.
07.31:01 ATC Go ahead.
07.31:02 AC1158 Ready for departure.
07.31:03 CAPT Four DME, eleven twenty.
07.31:05 ATC Marinair four nine five, confirm inbound, how many miles?
07.31:08 RDO We are four miles out.
07.31:10 ATC Roger, Air Columbus one one five eight, hold short.
07.31:14 CAPT Ja, je kan de baan zien. [Yes, you can see the runway]
07.31:15 AC1158 Holding short, Air Columbus one one five eight.
07.31:24 CAPT Three DME, eight twenty.
07.31:29 CAPT Three DME, eight twenty.
07.31:33 - // Start sound of windshield wipers //
07.31:37 RDO Martinair four nine five, finals.
07.31:40 ATC Confirm you have runway lights in sight?
07.31:44 ATC Cleared to land runway one one, the wind one five zero, one five knots, maximum two zero.
07.31:52 RDO Cleared to land.
07.31:53 FO Auto pilot C.
07.31:54 CAPT OK, hè, the runway is ...
07.31:55 ATC Confirm the lights are too bright?
07.31:58 RDO No, it's fine, keep it.
07.32:00 FE Five hundred.
07.32:03 CAPT Cleared, hè?
07.32:04 FO Ja.
07.32:04 FE JA, check cleared.
07.32:15 FO PAPI, hè.
07.32:16 CAPT Ja.
07.32:20 CAPT Speed a bit low, speed is low.
07.32:24 CAPT Ja OK, speed is OK.
07.32:29 FO Windshield, uh windshiels anti-ice, ik zie niks. [Windshield, uh windshiels anti-ice, I don't see anything]
07.32:30 CAPT Ja.
07.32:32 FE You're at fast.
07.32:34 CAPT A bit low, bit low, bit low.
07.32:37 CAPT OK, OK, OK.
07.32:39 CAPT Wind is, uh, one ninety with twenty.
07.32:44 - // Sound of double click //  // Sound of single click //
07.32:47 - // Start of 'kettle' tone - radio altimeter passing 50ft //
07.32:48 CAPT Throttles.
07.32:48 - // Sound of throttles pushed full forward //
07.32:49 - // Touchdown //
07.32:51 - // Sound of landing gear warning horn //

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