August 18, 1993
Leeward Point Airfield, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
American International Airways, Flight 808
McDonnell Douglas DC-8-61

The plane crashed 1/4 of a mile short of the runway, while on approach. Impaired judgment, decision making and flying abilities of the captain and flight crew due to the effects of fatigue.

CAPT = Captain
F/O = First Officer
F/E = Flight Engineer
UND = Undetermined

CAPT: Where's the strobe?
F/O: Do you think you're gonna make this?
CAPT: Yeah... if I can catch the strobe light.
F/O: 500, you're in good shape.
F/E:: Watch the, keep your airspeed up.
F/O:  140.
  [Sound of stall warning]
UND: Don't - stall warning.
CAPT: I got it.
F/O: Stall warning.
F/E: Stall warning.
CAPT: I got it, back off.
UND: Max power!
UND: There it goes, there it goes!
  Oh no!
  [End of recording]

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