April 4, 1994
Amsterdam, Netherlands
KLM Cityhopper, Flight 195
Saab 340B

Shortly after taking off, the plane experienced engine problems and returned to the airport. While attempting to land the aircraft rolled to the right, pitched up, stalled and cashed. Inadequate use of the flight controls during an asymmetric go-around resulting in loss of control. Three of 24 aboard killed.

CPT = Captain
COP = Co-pilot

12.30:58 CPT: Take action
12.31:00 COP: Take action. Emergency checklist... Engine and propeller engine oil pressure low ... 15B
12.31:16 COP: 15B... engine oil pressure low, engine oil and prop oil pressure ... checked. Well, engine oil pressure uh, that is this one, this one is slightly lower than the other one, but...
12.31:32 COP: It's decreasing.
12.31:33 CPT: Yes..
12.31:34 COP: Yes, it's decreasing.
12.31:37 COP: If only prop oil pressure, apply uh ... uh .. if only prop oil pressure low, apply propeller oil pressure low procedure, well... that is not the case...
12.31:43 COP: Then next... engine oil pressure control warning panel light on ... or, engine oil pressure below thirty psi.
12.31:54 CPT: That is not the case.
12.31:57 CPT: But it is still normally in the green, that is what's so strange.
12.31:59 COP: That's funny, isn't it?.
12.32:00 CPT: Yes.
12.32:01 COP: It is decreasing uh ... [captain's first name] engine oil pressure light on, or ....
12.32:12 CPT: Yes, but we are not going to continue with this...
12.32:13 COP: No, no, no, no, no, engine oil pressure..., well light or below thirty psi, that is not the case. So of two things ... if so, than you may continue, but if they are both on, so if the light is on and the pressure is below thirty psi, then it must be shut down.
12.32:33 CPT: OK.
12.32:37 CPT: Well, what do we have? It is an, above fifty?.
12.32:41 COP: Yes.
12.32:42 CPT: And we... [set] the warning pressure is ....
12.32:43 COP: Yes, the light is on. So the light is on, or below thirty, well....
12.32:50 CPT: Continue normal operation.
12.32:51 COP: Yes.
12.42:21 COP: I also think, that because you are flying in flight idle, that because of that you have less problems than you might have had otherwise..
12.42:26 CPT: Yes.
12.44:38 ??: Trim is all the way to the left.
12.45:10 ??: Five hundred.
12.45:41 COP: Watch your speed.
12.45:53 ??: Going around.
12.45:58   Start of stall-warning.
12.46:00   End of stall-warning.
12.46:03   Start of stall-warning.
12.46:09   Impact.


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