September 22, 1995
Anchorage, Alaska
Military - U.S. Air Force, Flight 27
Boeing B-707 (E-3B)

The aircraft suffered multiple bird strikes in the No. 1 and 2 engines just after taking off when it flew into a flock of 100 or more Canada Geese. The crew initiated a slow climb and began to dump fuel. The aircraft attained a maximum altitude of 250 ft. before it started to descend. The plane impacted a hilly wooded area less than a mile from the runway, broke up, exploded and burned. Ingestion of Canada geese into the no.1 and 2 engines. Lack of adequate procedures to reduce bird hazards. The aircraft was not warned about observations of birds in the area by the ATC. All 24 crew aboard killed.

RT = Radio transmission
TWR = Tower controller
AC = Aircraft commander
CP = Copilot
FE = Flight Engineer
FEI = Fight Engineer Instructor
?? = Unidentifiable word or words
### = Expletive

0745:29 RT Yukla two seven heavy, the wind three one zero at one one, cleared for takeoff Runway five. Traffic is a C-130 three miles north of Elmendorf northwest-bound, climbing out of two thousand.
0745:3   [light switches]
0745:39 AC? In sight.
0745:41 RT CP And Yukla two seven heavy cleared for takeoff, traffic in sight.
0745:44 CP Cleared for takeoff, crew.
0745:45 FE ??check complete.
0745:45   [Engines spool up]
0745:47 AC Engineer, set takeoff power.
0745:49   [Engines spool up]
0746:09 CP Eighty knots, copilot's aircraft.
0746:11 AC Your airplane.
0746:20 AC V 1 .
0746:28 AC Rotate.
0746:28 CP All the birds.
0746:31 FE Lotta birds here.
0746:33 AC ### we took one.
0746:36 CP What do I got?
0746:37 FE? We took two of 'em.
0746:37 AC We got two motors.
0746:37 FE Flight start.
0746:38 CP Roger that.
0746:40 AC Take me to override.
0746:41 CP Go to override on, on the ...
0746:43 RT CP Elmendorf tower, Yukla two seven heavy has an emergency. Lost ah number two engine, we've taken some birds.
0746:44 FEI You're in override.
0746:4 FEI There's the rudder.
0746:46 FE Got it.
0746:47 FEI You're in override.
0746:48 AC Thank you.
0746:49 FE Starting dump fuel.
0746:51 AC Start dumping.
0746:52 TWR Yukla two seven heavy, roger. Say intentions.
0746:55   [Stick shaker activates, continues until impact]
0746:56 RT CP Yukla zero two heavy's coming back around for an emergency return.
0746:58 CP Lower the nose, lower the nose, lower the nose.
0747:00 TWR Two seven heavy, roger.
0747:00 AC Goin' down.
0747:02 CP? Oh my God.
0747:02 AC Oh ###.
0747:04 CP OK, give it all you got, give it all you got.
0747:06 RT CP Two seven heavy, emergency.
0747:09 RT CP Roll the crash, roll the crash.
0747:10   [PA tone]
0747:11 CP Crash landing
0747:11 AC We're goin' in.
0747:11 AC We're going down.

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