August 6, 1997
Agana, Guam
Korean Airlines, Flight 801
Boeing B-747-300

The aircraft crashed into Nimitz Hill, 3 miles short of Runway 06R, while making a non-precision approach in heavy rain to A.B. Won Guam International Airport. The runway glide slope system was inoperative. In addition, the Minimum Safe Altitude Warning system (MSAW) was also not working due to a software problem. Two hundred twenty-nine of 254 aboard killed.

Agana FCT, Local Control: LC
Korean Airline Flight 801: KAL801
Ramp Control: RAMP
Andersen AFB Control Tower: Andersen

15.38.12 LC Agana tower
15.38.13 CERAP twelve west Korean air eight zero one seven forty
    seven is six left km
15.38.18 LC understand seven four
15.38.20 CERAP that's what i show
15.38.22 LC all right thanks t o
15.39.23 CERAP km
15.41.07 KAL801 Agana tower Korean air eight zero one ah
    (unintelligible) localizer six left
15.41.14 LC Korean air eight zero one heavy Agana tower runway
    six left---wind-zero niner zero at seven cleared to
    land verify heavy Boeing seven four seven tonight
15.41.26 KAL801 Korean eight zero one roger (unintelligible) six left
15.41.30 LC Korean eight zero one heavy roger
15.44.02 CERAP was that nine eighty eight you're looking for
15.44.07 LC say again
15.44.09 CERAP Guam to Saipan is that nine eighty eight
15.44.11 LC affirmative
15.44.12 CERAP yeah I think we lost a flight plan so I'm just gonna
    make one up here---oops
15.44.18 LC ah he hadn't called me yet so they may not have
    put it in either he may have they may have cancelled
15.44.23 CERAP ok
15.44.24 LC why don't we just hold off till he calls for it
15.44.26 CERAP km
15.44.28 LC to
15.45.25 LC Korean air eight zero one heavy tower how do you hear
15.47.03 RAMP this is Juan
15.47.05 LC yeah Korean air eight zero one heavy ah---aircraft
    change on the type is that a permanent change
15.47.11 RAMP ah no that's just ah one of those temporary deals
15.47.14 LC is that one of the temporaries
15.47.15 RAMP yeah they they their normal is an airbus its just
    I guess
15.47.19 LC yeah
15.47.19 RAMP they have more passengers this time around
15.47.21 LC all right what gate is he on
15.47.22 RAMP ah he's going to gate twelve
15.47.23 LC all right thanks t o
15.47.24 RAMP (unintelligible)
15.48.05 LC Korean air eight zero one heavy Agana tower
15.49.51 RAMP this is Juan
15.49.52 LC yeah Korean air come up to you
15.49.53 RAMP ah no
15.49.54 LC all right thanks t o
15.49.55 RAMP *(all right)
15.49.56 LC approach Agana
15.50.15 LC Korean air eight zero one heavy Agana tower
15.50.23 LC approach Agana did Korean air come back to you
15.50.28 CERAP eight zero one
15.50.29 LC affirmative
15.50.35 CERAP no
15.50.35 LC he checked in with me I cleared him to land i
    don't know where he's at--never did have him in
15.50.41 RAMP you never saw him
15.50.45 CERAP he didn't land
15.50.46 LC negative
15.50.50 CERAP oh my god
15.50.52 LC stand by a second
15.50.58 RAMP this is Juan
15.51.00 LC yeah did Korean air
15.51.01 RAMP no in fact I'm listening to cerap I don't even hear eight
    zero one I can hear you on the radio
15.51.06 LC yeah I tried to get a hold of him he called me ah
    I cleared him to land
15.51.09 RAMP yeah (unintelligible)
15.51.10 LC I never had him in sight
15.51.11 RAMP (unintelligible) you said cleared to land and I was
    looking around and I said where's he at and that's
15.51.14 LC yeah I never had him in sight hold on a second
15.51.17 LC Andersen tower Agana tower
15.51.18 CERAP don't see him on the radar
15.51.27 LC I don't see him either standby a second
15.51.30 Andersen go ahead
15.51.31 LC you didn't have a Boeing seven forty seven land up
    there did you
15.51.35 Andersen just now
15.51.36 LC affirmative
15.51.37 Andersen hu hu ah no I don' have any lights on so I don't I don't
    see anybody out there
15.51.41 LC well we're missing a Boeing seven forty seven stand
15.51.45 LC just checked with Andersen they don't know where
    he' at either
15.51.49 CERAP is it raining out there
15.51.50 LC I got wet runway but ah--I've got a small ah shower
    pushing through but I don't have ah but I can see the approach end---standby a second
15.52.04 LC Korean air eight zero one heavy Agana tower
15.52.16 LC is that him talking to you
15.52.19 CERAP negative
15.52.26 LC I don't have him---he called me once I cleared him to
    land told him not in sight and I don't have him
15.52.34 CERAP well he must have crashed then

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