1908 - 1959
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09/17/1908 First airplane fatality in history
06/25/1925 Crash of an early KLM passenger plane
07/03/1926 Passenger plane crash in Rossaugpt, Czechoslovakia
08/22/1927 A Fokker F-VIII crashes in Sevenoaks, England
06/17/1929 An Imperial Airways Handley Page HP-30 ditches in the English Channel
09/03/1929 A Transcontinental Air Transport Ford Tri-Motor crashes at Grants,New Mexico
06/05/1930 A Colonial Air Transport Ford Tri-Motor ditches in Boston Harbor
03/31/1931 Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne killed
03/28/1933 First airline disaster caused by sabotage
01/15/1934 Air France Dewoitine D-332 crashes after entering severe snowstorm
11/15/1934 Qantas passenger plane crashed while on delivery
08/15/1935 Will Rogers, Wiley Post killed, Point Barrow Alaska
01/12/1937 African Exlorer Martin Johnson, killed, Newhall, California
03/25/1937 Trans Continental and Western Airline DC-2, Clifton Pennsylvania
05/06/1937 Hindenburg destroyed at Lakehurst, New Jersey
08/10/1937 Eastern Air Lines DC-2 crashes on take off at Daytona, Beach Florida
10/17/1937 United Air Lines DC-3 crashes in Wyoming
11/29/1938 United Air Lines DC-3 runs out of fuel and ditches in the ocean
10/30/1941 Northwest Orient Airlines plane crashes, pilot only survivor, Moorhead, Minnesota
01/16/1942 Actress Carole Lombard killed, Mt. Potosi, Nevada
08/25/1942 George Edmund, Duke of Kent killed, Dunbeath, Scotland
07/28/1945 Military B-25 crashes into the Empire State Building, New York, NY
11/13/1946 Western Airlines DC-3 crashes at Lebec, California
05/29/1947 Pilot forgot to release the gust lock before takeoff
11/24/1947 Faulty design leads to fire onboard
10/20/1948 KLM Constellation runs into power lines and crashes
09/09/1949 Husband places bomb aboard to collect insurance on his wife, Quebec, Canada
05/04/1949 All team members of the Torino Soccer Team killed, Superga, Italy
11/01/1949 U.S. Reps, George Bates and Michael Kennedy killed,  Arlington, Virginia
08/24/1951 Collision into Tolman peak, Decoto, California
12/16/1951 Engine fire, Miami Airlines, Elizabeth, New Jersey
06/18/1953 First accident to take more than 100 lives
09/05/1954 KLM Constellation, ditches into the Shannon River, Foynes, Ireland
10/06/1955 DC-4 slams into side of Medicine Bow Peak
11/01/1955 Son places bomb in mother's luggage to collect insurance, United Airlines, Longmont, CO
06/30/1956 Midair collision between a United Airlines DC-7 and TWA Constellation, Grand Canyon, AZ
02/01/1957 Northeast Airlines DC-6 crashes at Rikers Island, New York
02/06/1958 British European Airways accident involving the Manchester United football team
03/02/1958 Director, producer Mike Todd killed, Grants, New Mexico
02/03/1959 Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, Big Bopper killed, Mason City, Iowa
02/03/1959 American Airlines Electra crashes into the East River, New York, New York
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