1960 - 1969
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01/18/1960 Capital Airlines Viscount crashes after encountering icing
03/17/1960 Lockheed Electra crashes after design flaw causes the wing to detach
10/04/1960 Lockheed Electra crashes after hitting a flock of Starlings, Boston Massachusetts 
12/16/1960 Midair collision between a United Airlines DC-8 and TWA Constellation, New York
02/15/1961 Eighteen members of the U.S. figure skating team killed at Brussels, Belgium
05/10/1961 Detonation of a nitrocellulose bomb brings down airliner
03/01/1962 American Airlines Boeing 707 crashes into Jamaica Bay due to rudder malfunction
05/22/1962 Bomb explodes aboard a Continental Boeing 707, Unionville, Missouri
06/03/1962 An Air France B707 fails to take off
03/05/1963 Country western singer, Patsy Cline killed, Camden, Tennessee
12/08/1963 Lightning strikes Pan American airliner, Elkton, Maryland
05/07/1964 Passenger shoots both pilots causing the plane to crash, San Ramon, California
07/31/1964 Country western singer, Jim Reeves killed, Nashville Tennessee
12/24/1964 Cargo plane strikes simmit after taking off from San Francisco International Airport
05/20/1965 B707 attempts to land at too steep and fast of an approach
07/08/1965 Movie stunt flyer Paul Mantz is killed while filming "The Flight of the Phoenix"
11/11/1965 United Air Lines B727 crashes due to excessive sink rate while landing
02/04/1966 All Nippon Airways Boeing 727 crashes due to excessive sink rate, Tokyo, Japan
03/05/1966 Giving view of Mt. Fuji to passengers ends in disaster
07/19/1967 Midair collision between a B727 and a Cessna 310, Hendersonville, North Carolina
11/20/1967 TWA Convair crashes short of the runway at Cincinnati Airport
12/10/1967 Wreckage of singer Otis Redding's Beech 18H
03/06/1968 Air France B707 crashes while attempting to land in the West Indies
04/08/1968 British Overseas Airways loses an engine after taking off, London, England
05/03/1968 Electra crashes after attempting to penetrate a line of thunderstorms, Dawson, Texas
08/10/1968 Piedmont Fairchild-Hiller crashes on approach to Charleston, West Virginia
11/22/1968 Japan Air Lines DC-8 ditches in the ocean, 2.5 miles short of the runway, S.F. California
08/31/1969 Boxer Rocky Marciano killed, Newton Iowa
09/09/1969 Midair collision between a DC9 and Piper at Fairland, Indiana
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